Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – How To Beat Zenos

Your journey in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is almost at its end, but there is one more enemy that stands in your way. Even after defeating the Endsinger and saving the universe from the Final Days, Zenos challenges you to a duel.

At the edge of creation, the Warrior of Light and Zenos viator Galvus will clash in an epic final battle. Prepare for a tough fight against your arch-enemy, and let's take a look at each of the attacks Zenos will use, and how you can beat him.

How To Beat Zenos

Before the fight begins, you will be granted six stacks of Spark of Hope. This buff will revive you with full health when you die, up to six times. There are various points in the fight in which you will be forced to use a stack of Spark of Hope, so try not to be careless and use them up before then.

Additionally, your natural health regeneration will be significantly increased for this Duty. This will make recovering from attacks easier, and also gives you a chance to survive some of the unavoidable damage Zenos will deal throughout the fight.

If you're still having trouble with this fight, you can lower the difficulty of the Duty to easy or very easy. In this guide, we will be discussing the normal version of this Duty.

Phase 1

Zenos will channel the abilities of various Primals throughout this fight, and will have access to the following attacks during the first section of the fight.

  • Tidal Wave: Zenos summons a wave on the left side of the arena and a series of AoEs on the right. After a moment, you will be knocked back from the left side of the arena into the right, pushing you into the AoEs if you're not careful. Stand close to the wave before it knocks you back to avoid landing in the AoEs.
    • This attack will also create water puddles around the arena. Entering a puddle will grant increased fire damage resistance, but decrease lightning damage resistance. Keep this in mind for the following two attacks.
  • Judgement Bolt: Deals unavoidable lightning damage. If you are standing in a water puddle, you will take significantly more damage.
  • Hellfire: Deals unavoidable fire damage. Enter a water puddle to reduce the damage of Hellfire. Additionally, this attack will clear all puddles from the arena.
    • Akh Morn: Deals unavoidable damage six times in a row. Your health will need to be almost full to survive this attack, so be careful when avoiding Judgement Bolt and Hellfire.
    • Stay Beyond Stars: Zenos will jump to the middle of the arena and summon his Avatar. At the same time, he will begin casting two AoEs; these will take the shape of two sets of cone AoEs, which, when combined, cover the entire arena. Move to the set of AoEs that appears second and wait for the first set to explode, then quickly move into the opened space. Additionally, Zenos's Avatar will use a circular AoE in the center of the arena, so be sure to dodge that as well during this attack.
    • Wyrm's Tongue: A high damage cone AoE to the front of Zenos with no visual indicator. Instead, Zenos will shout "Mine for the taking!" before using this attack, giving you time to run to the side or behind him to avoid it.

    • Nine Nights: Zenos will once again summon his Avatar, who will cast a series of nine AoEs around the arena. These will be summoned in a sequence, and must be avoided by moving to the final AoE to appear, then back into the area where the first AoE was after it explodes.
    • Veil Asunder: A high damage, point-blank AoE in front of Zenos. This attack has no visual indicator, but Zenos will shout "A test of your reflexes!" before using Veil Asunder. Listen for this callout and move behind Zenos to avoid this attack.
    • Exaflare: Zenos will summon his Avatar who will use a large ring-shaped AoE, covering most of the arena. At the same time, moving AoEs will spawn on either side of the arena. After a short delay, they will slowly move down the arena in a straight line, dealing damage at set intervals. You will first need to avoid the ring AoE, then move to either side of the moving AoEs to dodge them.

    • Diamond Dust: Zenos will deal unavoidable ice damage and cover the floor in slippery ice. Moving in any direction will cause you to slide uncontrollably for a moment. Immediately after, Zenos will cast Star Beyond Stars. You will need to avoid the AoEs from this attack while sliding on the ice. The trick here is to use the edges of the arena to your advantage. If you slide into the walls at an angle, it will significantly reduce the distance you travel, allowing for more accurate movement.
      • The second time Diamond Dust is used, Zenos's Avatar will cast Dead Gaze, which will inflict Petrification if you are facing the Avatar at the end of this cast. While avoiding Stay Beyond Stars, turn away from the Avatar to avoid being petrified.

      Zenos will then repeat Nine Nights, Exaflare, Veil Asunder, and Diamond Dust until you reduce his health to zero. Then, he will cast Tidal Wave, knocking you down for the count, and moving the fight into phase two.

      Phase 2

      Combining with his Avatar, Zenos will gain increased power and will have access to new attacks, listed below. Additionally, as this section of the fight begins, Zenos will cast Swift as Shadow and Thorns, rushing towards you and dealing damage equal to 100 percent of your health. You will need to spend a Spark of Hope stack to continue.

      • Aetherial Ray: Zenos will deal unavoidable damage to you five times in a row, taking away most of your health. Immediately after, he will use Silvered Edge.
      • Silvered Edge: Deals damage in three lines shooting out from Zenos. One of these lines will always be aimed directly at you, making avoiding this attack impossible. The combination of Aetherial Ray and Silvered Edge will leave you with very little health, so be careful.
      • Swift as Shadow: Zenos will charge forward in a thin line AoE. If this attack hits you, Zenos will follow up with Thorns, killing you instantly. Be especially careful when dodging Swift as Shadow, as the only way to recover from this attack is to use one of your lives.

      • Candlewick: Zenos will create a large point-blank circular AoE, then immediately create a larger ring AoE just outside the circle. Move into the ring AoE to avoid the circle AoE, then move back into the circle to avoid the ring.
      • Akh Morn: Just before this attack, Zenos will use Exconcentrativity, dealing unavoidable damage. Then, Akh Morn will deal additional unavoidable damage seven times in a row. This will leave you low on health, so be extra careful when avoiding Zenos's next attacks.
      • Extinguishment: A large ring AoE with a safe spot close to Zenos. This attack occurs during the final instances of Akh Morn.

      • Unmoving Dvenadkatika: A series of cone AoEs that will cover the arena in a sequence. Move to where the final cone AoE appears, then move into the area where the first one explodes to avoid the rest of this attack.
      • The Edge Unbound: A point-blank circular AoE that occurs immediately after Unmoving Dvenadkatika. Move outside the AoE indicator to avoid.

      Zenos will repeat these attacks until you once again reduce his health to zero. Then, he will again use an unavoidable Swift as Shadow and Thorns, forcing you to spend another life. Zenos will then stun you and prepare his final attack, Life or Death.

      Rapidly press buttons during this Active Time Maneuver to fill up the gauge and survive Zenos's final attack.

      Watch the proceeding cutscene and congratulations, you have completed Endwalker!

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