Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – How To Get The Level Checker Mount

Added in patch 6.0 of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, the Level Checker is currently one of the hardest mounts to get. Not only will you need to complete the Main Scenario of Endwalker before you can even attempt to get this mount, there are also several other conditions that need to be met before you can fit yourself inside this mobile television.

The Level Checker is a unique flying mount that will take a bit of time to acquire. Let's take a look at how exactly to get this mount, and what you'll need to do.

How To Get The Level Checker

To unlock the Level Checker mount, you will need to spend 12 Chi Bolts at Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x:10.6, y:10.0)

Chi Bolts are a special currency that is only rewarded from one place; the FATE Omicron Recall: Killing Order in Ultima Thule. This is a special large-scale FATE that only spawns every 48 real-world hours, so expect to spend a while if you want to save up for the Level Checker.

There are two additional requirements that must be met before Omicron Recall: Killing Order will respawn. Two other FATEs, both with Omicron Recall in their name must be completed first. You can begin these FATEs, if they are available, by speaking with N-0265 in Base Omicron.

Omicron Recall: Killing Order will spawn on The Lost Hydraulic platform, north of Base Omicron (x:34.4, y:21.4). You will need to have flying unlocked in Ultima Thule to reach this location, so be sure to find all the Aether Currents in the zone beforehand.

Once the FATE spawns, be sure to join a nearby party for the best chances of defeating the boss. If you complete the FATE with a gold rating, you will receive six Chi Bolts, meaning you will need to repeat this process a second time to have enough Bolts to unlock the mount. Joining a party will make it easier to increase your rating, plus you will have allies to help you with the mechanics of the fight.

Tips for spawning Omicron Recall: Killing Order

Keep an eye on the Party Finder every so often so you don't miss when the FATE spawns. Players will usually advertise in the Party Finder window when the FATE is close to spawning, but you may have to wait around for a while before Omicron Recall: Killing Order starts.

Another thing to keep in mind when waiting for the FATE to spawn is that each instance of Ultima Thule has a different level of progress for respawning the FATE. You may find better luck checking other instances of the zone, as they will respawn at different times.

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