Final Fantasy 14: How To Get The Cerberus Mount

This three-headed and three-seater mount was released in patch 5.45, and it is not easy to obtain. However, many players are determined to get it, as mounts that have more than one seat, let one three, are hard to obtain in in-game content without paying real world money.

There are many loops to jump through to even unlock the dungeon that gives this mount in the first place. Hope you like the Bozja content!

Unlock Bozja

Unlocking Bozja requires the completion of certain quests. These quests include “The Bozja Incident,” “Fire in the Forge,” and the main scenario quest “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty.”

With those quests done, players can go to Gangos by speaking to an NPC at the docks of the Doman Enclave. It is from talking to Sjeros that players can go to the Bozjan Southern Front and the journey to get the mount truly begins.

Complete The Castrum Lacus Litore Raid

Players who have not completed this raid before the 5.45 patch might struggle with this part. To unlock the raid, players must get to mettle rank 10.

What a lot of players are trying to navigate right now is completing the raid with enough people. The raid is for 48 players, but there has been an issue of declining participation because there no motive for players to complete the raid more than once. Players have been struggling due to not having enough people. Some have mentioned beating the raid with just 24 people, but not easily.

Until Square Enix does something about this issue, it is recommended that players try to form pre-made groups and parties before jumping in. The raid pops in Bojza once an hour (it is accessed the same way as critical engagements).

Unlock And Complete Delubrum Reginae

Luckily, this raid doesn’t require as many players as Castrum Lacus Litore, having its cap at 24 players instead of 48 (though Castrum Lacus Litore must be beaten to unlock this raid).

As long as players are rank 10 or higher, the raid should naturally unlock as they complete the Bozja storyline via quests. There is not a storage of players running this dungeon-like Castrum, so getting in should be easy. If you find the mechanics here challenging, know that the Cerberus mount drops in the Savage version of this very raid. In other words, this raid is a taste of how difficult Savage will be.

Once this raid is completed, complete the rest of the storyline quests. Even with the quests done though, there is one more thing to do to unlock Delubrum Reginae (Savage).

Get To Resistance Rank 15

If you were not rank 15 already, then prepare for a lot of grinding. Fight in Skirmishes and Critical Engagements to gain mettle. Remember that you lose mettle from every death, so play as a class you are best at (unless you are also grinding for levels). However, you cannot lose rank no matter how my times you die.

Do not just focus on Critical Engagements, as players that complete Skirmishes can get priority for Critical Engagements if there are more players than spaces. Be sure to also eat food and be well-rested to get buffs that can make the grind faster and more rewarding in terms of experience gained.

There are also special Critical Engagements called Duels. If a player succeeds in beating one, everyone in Bozja gets a mettle boost. As nice as that does sound, it is very rare for a player to survive a Duel. To be selected for a Duel, players must complete a Critical Engagement without dying or getting hit by any avoidable attack.

Also know that Bozja story quests can give mettle. To get to rank 15, players will need a total of 700,000 mettle. Once that is gained though, and the regular Delubrum Reginae is complete, Delubrum Reginae (Savage) is unlocked and the real hunt for that Cerberus mount starts.

Complete Delubrum Reginae (Savage)

Unlike its normal version, Delubrum Reginae (Savage) requires 48 players instead of 24. While players only need to beat this Savage raid once, it is quite difficult. It takes a ton of coordination between all the players. The more you can communicate and practice this raid with a team, the better. So be sure to use Party Finder to find a team you can communicate and coordinate with. Definitely do not expect to beat this dungeon in your first or even fifth try.

The scariest part of this raid is the fact that you can get kicked from the raid if you die and are not revived quickly enough. By kicked, this actually means you are not returning to the start. You will return outside the raid and have to try again from scratch.

On the positive side of this, you only have to defeat this raid once to get the mount. It is not a drop, so there is no competition between you and the 47 other players. Once the raid is beaten, everyone will get the achievement “Savage Queen of Swords I.”

With that achievement, players must go to Old Girdania and speak with the NPC, Jonathas at X: 10, Y:6. This NPC gives rewards for specific achievements (like if you get all your combat classes to 80, he is the one that gives you the Amaro mount).

The “Savage Queen of Sword I” is a battle achievement. In Jonathas’ battle achievement tab, select Cerberus Horn. Use it, and then Cerberus will be in your selection of mounts!

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