Final Fantasy 14 Omega Protocol Raid Won’t Be More Difficult Than Dragonsong’s Reprise

The notorious raid in Final Fantasy 14 called Omega Protocol is apparently not going to be more difficult than Dragonsong’s Reprise, a famously punishing dungeon. This comes both as a challenge and a relief to fans of the franchise, mostly a matter of perspective.

The news comes from a recently held stream by developer Square Enix, but the details quickly spread throughout the community along with no small amount of speculation, reaching the industry watcher known as Nova Crystallis, described as a “news and community source for Square Enix games including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and more.”

According to Nova Crystallis, “Dragonsong's Reprise is the pinnacle of difficulty for Ultimate Raids, so the Omega Protocol will not be a higher difficulty than that.” The prediction was made as the stream progressed, coming in the form of an ongoing commentary. While the actual difficulty of Omega Protocol remains to be seen, this little bit of speculation has mostly received the approval of players and of course other industry watchers.

This comes in the wake of news that Final Fantasy 14 will be getting new animals, ranks, and more in the upcoming Island Sanctuary update. According to the same industry watcher, “Island Sanctuary will be updated with new sanctuary ranks and visions. New item rewards will be added. New materials, crops, animals, and Isleworks Handicrafts will be added. New structures and improved interfaces will be added.”

As for these new interfaces, players are going to have the “option to collect all available yields/ leavings at once. Animals under care will also be eligible for release upon a new animal's capture.” Players will have the “ability to save Orchestron settings” and “Island visitors will now hear the Islekeep's Orchestrion” as well.

Final Fantasy 14 will apparently also be getting some adjustments to job assignments. “There will be adjustments to usability for certain actions,” Nova Crystallis remarked. “Significant adjustments extending to action rotations will be applied to Paladin.” The industry watcher went on to describe how “the objective of these adjustments is to improve the ability to deal burst damage by adjusting action efficiency and rotations and to improve versatility by decreasing reliance on damage over time. Improving the usability of certain defensive actions is also the goal for Paladin.”

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