Final Fantasy 14 Players Are Getting Annihilated By A Terrifying Red Chocobo

Final Fantasy has built an impressive roster of creatures over the last 30-odd years. While a good majority of them have been hostile, we have always been able to find solace in the chipper chococbos. Aside from the predominantly yellow, loyal mounts, there are also unspeakable strains of chocobo that have been terrorizing fans for years.

The red chocobos of the Bozjan Southern Front have returned to Final Fantasy 14 via the game’s Patch 5.35, which was released last week. By the way of more challenging Critical Engagements, one red chocobo named Red Comet may not sound too bad on paper – possibly named after a Radio Flyer – however, Red Comet – at first glance – looks as if its skin has been removed to reveal a blood-red coat of horror beneath. Moving forward with that damaging image, Red Comet remains a daunting foe, and produces the lethal Choco Meteor in battle.

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Nova Crystallis writer Tony Garsow was kind enough to share his harrowing experience with big red, in what can only be described as a devastating massacre of Final Fantasy 14 players. Banding together in a circle, participants were seen gathering to face Red Comet, as it watched and waited in the shadows. What followed next was pure destruction, as the bird launched its meteor strike after meteor strike, leaving only a handful of courageous players to see this fatal encounter until the end.

First appearing in Final Fantasy 4, the red chocobos have had a penchant for causing chaos and behaving like the complete antithesis of its esteemed, lovable counterpart. Also appearing in Final Fantasy 12 – where there was a 1/256 chance of spawning them – and again in Final Fantasy 14’s Return to Ivalice series, the red chocobos have been relentless in annihilating hearty players into oblivion, justifying a sudden shudder from fans when they are mentioned.

Luckily, the red chocobos have been contained to the Final Fantasy fandom for now, however the energetic steeds we know and love have recently made their way into the lore of Dungeons & Dragons. Provided with stats in Dragon magazine’s 323rd issue, the fluffy allies could be summoned during Dungeons & Dragons 3E, filling the role of trusty mounts once again without a meteor in sight.

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