Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay demo: FFVII fans will be very happy with new direction

Final Fantasy 7 fans are in for a treat when the FFVII Remake launches for the PS4 next year.

Square Enix’s spectacular re-imagining of the classic PSOne role-playing game has a March 3 release date in 2020.

However, if recent rumours are anything to go by, there’s a chance fans could get their hands on the game early courtesy of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo.

Rumours of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo emerged before the 2019 E3 gaming expo.

Reportedly exclusive to PS Plus subscribers, the gameplay demo is said to mirror the content shown at various gaming conventions.

And after having the good fortune to play the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake build at Gamescom, it’s clear that fans are going to be very happy if and when this FFVII demo finally launches.

The demo opens with Cloud and Barret already deeply entrenched within the North Mako reactor.

The nostalgia itch is instantly scratched by the sublime Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack, which always played such a crucial role in drawing players into the game world and building atmosphere.

The big difference now is that the graphics are able to do their share of the heavy lifting. Gone are the blocky, archaic visuals of old, replaced by something that’s bordering on the best the PS4 has ever produced.

The Mako Reactor, for instance, is instantly recognisable and yet utterly transformed, with its steel grates, bursts of steam and murky green glow.

Character models are equally as impressive, especially when you notice the little touches, like the diminishing glow of Barret’s gun.

As you make your way further into the Reactor ready to plant the bomb, you get your first taste of the action-oriented battle system.

The move towards an almost hack-and-slash combat system was always my biggest concern, but it works surprisingly well in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

There’s a fitting sense of weight to Cloud’s huge Buster Sword, which is extremely satisfying to swing around, and helps make those trivial battles a bit more exciting. 

Tougher battles require more care, caution and strategy, although FFVII Remake makes it easy to switch between characters, perform spells and use items.

This comes in handy when you’re battling the hulking Guard Scorpion, which takes place over multiple phases and utilises the environment by running along walls or jumping to new positions.

The result are epic boss battles that are longer, harder and even more exciting.

The early signs are good for a Final Fantasy 7 Remake that comfortably blends action, strategy, powerful music and stunning good looks.

Fingers crossed this Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo gets a release date soon.

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