Final Fantasy 7 Remakes Future Parts Will ‘Differ Significantly’ From The Original

Much like Part 1’s iconic Honeybee Inn scene, future parts of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will “differ significantly” from the original game.

More than a year after Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched, the hype train has been restarted via the arrival of Intergrade. The PS5 upgrade of the game that includes an all-new episode, Intermission. Remake’s co-director Motomu Toriyama recently spoke about what fans of the remade series can look forward to in the future, highlighting that some parts of the story will “differ significantly” when compared to the original game.

The comment stems from a discussion Toriyama had about Part 1’s Honeybee Inn. In the original version of Final Fantasy 7, Cloud dresses as a woman. Rather than scrap that scene altogether, Toriyama explains how the team behind Remake changed it so it could be included and not offend audiences in 2020.

“We knew we had to do it in a way that both lived up to those expectations, but took modern sensibilities into consideration,” Toriyama explains. “The whole scene got a much more enthusiastic reception than I could ever have hoped for, so I was quite relieved.” Cloud still crossdresses in Remake, but the scene is accompanied by support from his comrades and has been turned into a rhythm game to bring players in.

The positive reaction to how Square Enix handled and tweaked what could have been a very problematic part of the game may have left the team feeling more comfortable with future changes it has planned. “I’m sure some parts of the remake will differ significantly from the original. I hope this scene can be a good example of how to approach such changes,” Toriyama goes on to say.

The Intermission DLC that was launched earlier this month is designed to bridge the gap between parts one and two. No spoilers here, but a cutscene at the very end of the DLC serves as proof of that. However, there is still no word on when exactly Part 2 will arrive. All Square has said so far is that Part 2 will go beyond players’ expectations and that it will be the first game in the series to make full use of the PS5.

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