Final Fantasy 7 Will Remake One Of Its Classic Scenes In Lego

Lego has teamed up with a lot of video games to help turn iconic characters and scenes into models fans can build and play with. Square Enix is now getting in on the fun, announcing a one-of-a-kind Lego set inspired by a location from Final Fantasy 7 that will be given away later this year.

The announcement that a scene from Final Fantasy 7 will be immortalized in Lego brings the curtain down on a full year of celebrating the iconic game turning 25. The tweet revealing the news showcases the four scenes in the running, and it's up to fans to vote on which one they'd like to see rebuilt using Lego.

The four locations you can vote for will all be instantly recognizable to anyone who has played either the original game or Remake. The church in the Sector 5 Slums, Aerith's house, the Nibelhiem water tower, and the Honeybee Inn. Voting is open now and you can vote on which scene you'd like to see get the Lego treatment.

Once a winner has been determined, the one and only Lego recreation of it will be given to a very lucky fan. No, this won't be like the Mario and Sonic Lego sets that have been released over the last few years. Only one of these Final Fantasy 7 sets will be created which means the only fan who gets it will land themselves one of the most unique pieces of memorabilia linked to the game in existence.

If there's enough interest in the one-of-a-kind Final Fantasy 7 set then it's possible the game, and perhaps other entries in the series, get official, widely available Lego sets. For now though, Final Fantasy 7's anniversary celebrations are over. Celebrations that included what might well be the most famous game in the series getting its own official day of celebration in Japan.

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