Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster’s Awful Font Reportedly Changed In PS4 And Switch Ports

It's official: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster 1-6 is coming to console. And as if that wasn't exciting fans enough, it's even being reported that the ports will address the biggest complaint levied at the classic collection – its awful font.

According to sources speaking to RPG Site, there will be a different font in the PlayStation and Switch versions of the game. It's not clear what font will be replacing what we got in PC and mobile versions of the game, but frankly, it will be pretty hard for Square to find something worse than the scrunched-up, thin characters they opted for at launch. Fans are, of course, hoping the text will look as it did in the original games, making it far prettier and most importantly, readable.

When reporting the official announcement of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster ports, RPG Site noted that all of the screenshots showing text were quickly removed. At the time of writing, this is still actually the case, with the only remaining screenshots having no text at all.

It's theorized that this is because all of the screenshots were taken from the Steam page, rather than from the Switch and PlayStation versions of the games. Therefore, it accidentally included the old font. Yet since Square Enix has gone to the effort of removing these screenshots now, it would suggest that the text will indeed be different in the ports.

Who knows, maybe the PC and mobile versions will even get updated text when these new versions are released? But in the meantime, there is an easy fix for PC players.

We'll likely have to wait until launch to know for sure, which is set for sometime in spring of next year.

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