Fire Emblem Engage: 8 Best Character Designs

What makes the Fire Emblem Engage experience unique is how you connect with a special unit, and try everything in your power to keep them alive. Losing a character you warmed up to can sting a little too hard, especially knowing that in classic mode, dying means permanently losing a unit.

The design of a character is often visual shorthand that sets your expectation for their personality and story. Gameplay-wise, their physical features showcase their strengths, letting them find their niche in your battalion. Fire Emblem Engage mostly uses common anime design tropes that we've all seen before, but there are a few characters in the game that can surprise you with their depth.

8 Jean

It's critical to design a character that becomes instantly recognizable from the entire ensemble. In a cast full of big and bold creative decisions, going the simple route proves to be the most effective. This is where Jean shines with his short shorts, backpack with a potion on the side, modest stature, and glasses on the top of his cap for some reason.

When placed alongside the colorful cast of Fire Emblem Engage, your eyes might immediately arrive at this aspiring doctor because of how he exudes curiosity and the thirst to grow stronger. He can easily be set apart from the group, not because of his adorable accent, but because he's comfortable without all the random assortment of belts and balloons.

7 Alcryst

While his self-deprecating outlook would steer you towards his more appealing brother, Alcryst’s design cannot just be overlooked. He is the epitome of incorporating dual colors to represent his conflicting idea, and that's coming from the same game where they did the same on-your-nose symbolism for the main character.

Alcryst’s color palette speaks for his predisposition. It eclipses the monotone motif of his brother. The blue that flows through his hair and the ombre into his cape is a cool rush of a somber aura, reflective of his timid nature. Albeit a cool color is dominant in his design, you can say he’s one you’ll quickly warm up to and empathize with.

6 Kagetsu

True to his quick and deft movements is this dashing character, Kagetsu, who expresses both masculine and feminine energy in overflowing confidence. On the get-go, you would pick up some finesse, as sharp as the lines cut through his look with trims and ropes, while at the same time a laxness, as the bag of his pants and the flow of his neat bun.

Kagetsu’s design is clean and precise, with a silhouette different from the other characters, which is signified by his unique origin. Faithful to the moonflower, the etymology of his name, he is an elegant sight for the eyes.

5 Seadall

The very first male exclusively assigned as a dancer class did not disappoint in Seadall. His long, flowing, ebony hair, almost covering his sleepy eyes, carries off a wave of a mysterious aura. He may be the most popular dancer of Solm, but his appearance says not all about him is known.

He still has the traditional flowy costume of a dancer class, but what makes his getup uncommon is the peculiar patterns that run across the clothing that sways with his movements. Along with the abundance of golden jewelry, it can be said that he foresees the future.

4 Lapis

If one doesn’t have any context as to Fire Emblem Engage and its plot in general, you would immediately think that Lapis is the main character in the game. Her design is sleek and tempered, and situates perfectly in the twilight between an overdesigned character and an underwhelming one.

Lapis’ design communicates a strong silhouette. She combines both circular and triangular silhouettes that convey she is both a reliable unit and a skilled fighter — honest to her character as the Brodia’s second prince’s retainer, and as one who takes on the frontlines of the battlefield as a bulwark to defend her ranged allies at the back.

3 Rosado

Fire Emblem always has that one character who’s devoted their entire personality to all things cute and pretty, and usually, it is bad because it gets one-dimensional at some point. Rosado is the exception to that rule. While he appears to be feminine-looking, Rosado actually goes by he/him pronouns, and this is where it gets interesting, because Rosado believes in beauty that transcends differences.

This noble idealism translates very well into Rosado’s design. The metallic texture of his armor complements his soft pastel hair; the parallel vertical lines are cut off by horizontal straps, and the neon colors are accented with darks. He finds harmony in both symmetry and contrast, with a simple silhouette topped off with cat-ear-like coifed hair.

2 Mauvier

Mauvier’s introduction in the game may have come off as intimidating as he belongs with the Four Hounds. As part of the villain squad, Mauvier seems to possess kind eyes that would make you doubt if he really has evil intent like those associated with him.

This seed of doubt may be brought upon by how his design communicates that he is not evil at all. His silhouette portrays an almost too circular shape which makes you think that he might not be as dangerous as he seems.

1 Veyle

If it hasn’t been too obvious, Fire Emblem Engage’s cast is bursting with colors and bold details. Veyle takes it back by being the only unit that holds back on the color palette, sporting black and white and only hints of pale blue and red. If you remove all of her details and show only her color scheme, you will still immediately know it’s Veyle.

She finds balance in two opposing shades and colors and blends them together in her purple eyes. Her perfect symmetry touches on both sides of the scale, hinting at how she treads with her chained feet on both sides of the story.

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