Fire Emblem Engage: 9 Best Support Conversations

Fire Emblem Engage is one of the more colourful and lighter entries in the series, and this fact is highlighted even more in its jovial, seldom-serious Support Conversations.

Without the romantic aspect and lack of S-Rank Supper Conversations between other units we would've liked to ship together, we have an overwhelming number of 'power of friendship' Support Conversations. Within this sea of similarity, a few conversations stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Spoiler alert: Two characters who join you could be considered spoilers, and we discuss their support conversation in entry five.

9 Lapis And Goldmary

It's hard not to love everything about Lapis. She's got a badass outfit, and something is endearing about her personality. Throughout several of her Support Conversations, it's revealed that Lapis is canonically absurdly strong, she comes from a small village, and she's something of a professional bear wrestler. In her talks with Goldmary, the two bond over their humble origins, both of whom hail from small villages out in the sticks.

Goldmary helps Lapis see herself in a different light instead of lamenting her beginnings as what she perceives as a simple country bumpkin. On the other side, Lapis and Goldmary bond over this, and Goldmary admits she can genuinely be herself around Lapis instead of putting on a front. One of the more interesting details from their talks is how Lapis became Alcryst's retainer by winning a grand tournament in Brodia.

8 Chloe And Amber

These two knuckleheads want to live in a grand adventurous epoch fit for a fairytale. While Amber is more focused on adventuring and becoming something of a hero known far and wide, Chloe is simply in it for the vibes. The two match each other's energy perfectly, and their conversations highlight this.

In their chats, they plan not one but two grand quests to undertake. One is to look for the legendary Fountain of Youth using a map Amber bought from the market, while the next is to seek out and explore a dangerous, legendary labyrinth. It's one of the more fun and lighthearted conversations, and it's nice to see someone else entertain Chloe's love of fairytales and adventures.

7 Seadall And Kagetsu

Seadall has something of a one-trick pony theme when it comes to his support conversations in the shape of his fortune-telling. Granted, that is a big part of his character, but the conversations with Kagetsu show a different side of him that elevates Seadall as a strong character. The exchange between them starts jovial, with Kagetsu claiming to see the future via completely useless guesses that could apply to anyone at any time.

Beyond this, Seadall sees it for what it is and enjoys the banter, but there's information he drops in the conversation about how he laments the death of his master – the one who taught him to dance – because he couldn't foresee his master's death at the hands of thieves. In the end, one of Seadall's fortunes saves the life of Kagetsu, which profoundly impacts Seadall and his conviction.

6 Goldmary And Yunaka

The support conversations between Goldmary and Yunaka are excellent. It reveals Goldmary is unfazed by Yunaka perfectly copying Goldmary's voice and saying things to her. Goldmary hears her voice come out of another person's mount and doesn't do much upon hearing this, which seems wild.

The cherry on top is another side to Goldmary that isn't all about bragging and being fantastic at everything. She likes to come up with little songs and jingles to go with chores she's doing around Somniel, like hanging up laundry or washing the dishes. This shows us another side of Goldmary, hinting at her village upbringing she talks to Lapis about.

5 Mauvier And Ivy

Mauvier and Ivy are two characters who essentially defect from the evil side to join your ranks after having a 'are we the bad guys' moment. These two characters are already interesting and crucial to the story, but it's excellent to see their dynamic as they defect at different times.

Mauvier talks about his thoughts, the consequences of joining Alear, and the challenge he faces by not being accepted by everyone. All of this is echoed by Ivy in a delightfully solemn and earnest way that speaks to the guilt and conflict they feel about being there. It also speaks to their awareness of the pain they caused before joining and how they overcome this to be accepted.

4 Boucheron And Framme

Boucheron and Framme have a fun friendship that is incredibly sweet to see unfold. Framme's not a big reader, but she initially finds Bucheron bawling his eyes out over the ending of a book. He explains his love of books while she isn't as enthusiastic, so he offers to read to her and, of course, she loves the book.

Boucheron is just a gentle giant, and he loves a good book to get all weepy over. Not to mention, there's possibly a small nod to Fire Emblem: Three Houses when he talks about a specific book that is set in an Officer's Academy, and the series has over 30 volumes. Officer's Academy is what they call the Monastery in Three Houses while Fire Emblem celebrated its 30th birthday a couple of years ago.

3 Citrinne And Yunaka

Citrinne focuses a lot of her support conversations around her perceived imposter syndrome since she knows she was only allowed to be Prince Alcryst's retainer due to nepotism and her relation to him. In Yunaka's conversations with her, we explore a more serious, devoted and distrusting side to her.

Citrinne is immediately suspicious of Yunaka and susses her out as an assassin. From this, Yunaka explains her tumultuous upbringing, revealing she used to go by Larimar and was taken in by an assassin, trained as one to replace him. She explains that as he took ill, he asked her to kill him. After this, she changed her name to Yunaka and left that life behind her.

2 Diamant And Kagetsu

It makes sense that two of the coolest swordsmen in the game would want to test each other's skills in combat. Granted, Kagetsu's whole schtick is that he's a wanderer looking to fight people and improve his skills, but he and Diamant have a great dynamic.

To the surprise of none, the two are equally matched and both times they spar end in a draw. The best part about the support is that Kagetsu explains his desire to fight, which is to learn about another person and the differences in his culture through the blade. To top it all off, he introduces Diamant to umeboshi onigiri, to which he correctly responds that it is overpoweringly sour.

1 Alcryst And Celine

The sombre tone of this support conversation lets it stand above many others in the game, most of which like to err on the side of silliness. Not to mention, it is one of the few supports that doesn't have Celine talk about tea in every other sentence, delving into her character and worries more than anything else. These two bond over being worried about their siblings.

The details of these conversations are crucial information regarding Alfred and his childhood illness. Celine has recurring dreams about his death, keeping her up at night, which is what is happening to Alcryst as he worries more about Diamant. It's yet another side to Celine and Alcryst, the latter of which is a perpetual ball of anxiety. It's a worry that brings them closer, and it's easily one of the best supports in the game.

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