First Halo Infinite multiplayer test to take place very soon

343 Industries is gearing up for a Halo Infinite multiplayer test but you need to be a Halo Insider to have a shot at taking part.

While there were originally plans to release a public beta for Halo Infinite they ultimately never happened, no doubt due to the game’s delay to 2021. A year later and eager fans can finally look forward to testing the game for themselves before launch.

In a new blog post on Halo Waypoint, 343 reveals that a technical preview for the game’s multiplayer (which was first shown during this year’s E3) is happening very soon.

An exact date hasn’t been set yet, but things seem to be progressing well enough that it could take place this weekend. Also, since this is the first game in the series to feature computer-controlled bots in multiplayer, that is what will be the main focus of the preview.

‘To provide a totally new multiplayer experience for players and to gather feedback on Bot behaviour and online performance, we’ll be debuting the Bot Arena playlist, which puts four players against four Bots on Arena maps,’ reads the blog post.

Players will also get a taste of the Academy, the game’s training mode. Namely, the weapon drills which teach you how each weapon functions and offer high score challenges to take on.

The test isn’t technically public, however. If you want a shot at taking part, you’ll need to have registered for the Halo Insider program. And while 343 is looking to host hundreds of thousands of players for this preview, there’s no guarantee you’ll be selected.

Fortunately, 343 is already planning further previews down the line with even larger player pools. To register and ensure a chance to take part in these previews, follow the link here.

Multiplayer is easily one of the most important and beloved aspects of the Halo series, so it makes sense for 343 to get it in players’ hands before the full game releases.

Halo Infinite still lacks an exact release date, but it’s supposed to come out this autumn. With only two to four months to go, 343 and Microsoft must want as much good publicity for the game as possible. And there’s no better way to do that than letting potential customers try it out early, especially when its first showing attracted mostly mockery and concern.

Halo Infinite will release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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