First Official PS5 Merchandise Now Available

Launch day is almost here for PS5, and PlayStation is celebrating by releasing the first lineup of PS5 branded gear. The catalog includes jackets, backpacks, sweatpants, and numerous other accessories – all of which are actually pretty good looking.

One of the first items highlighted by PlayStation is the Quilted Bomber Jacket. The company said its design is heavily inspired by the PS5 itself, with the interior fabric featuring custom line art based on the DualSense controller. Outside, however, it looks like a standard black pullover with an understated quilted pattern. The fancy new jacket can be yours for a hefty $179.95.

There’s also a new pair of joggers, again featuring DualSense line art – this time across the right leg of pants. No doubt they’re stylish, but the price tag of $79.95 might give you pause. What’s more important, a new PS5 game or pants?

The lineup continues with dozens of other products:

  • Faux Leather PS5 Logo Pom Knit Beanie – $19.95
  • Debossed DualSense Wireless Controller Beanie – $19.95
  • PS5 Logo Timbuk2 Backpack – $229.95
  • Lite-Up DualSense Water Bottle – $27.95
  • DualSense Controller Throw Blanket – $59.95

Of all the products listed above, the water bottle might actually be the most interesting. Not only does it hold water – like any good water bottle should – but it lights up when picked up. Call me a sucker for flashing lights, but that’s pretty damn cool.

Although the gear is a bit on the expensive side, there’s no denying its appeal. Sony’s designers have done a great job creating sleek, modern, understated apparel that’s easy on the eyes. Most of the gear looks nothing like its inspiration – PS5 is a large white console, while most of this clothing is completely black – but the unique DualSense line art gives each piece of clothing a distinct flair and helps tie it in to the upcoming next-gen release.

You can check out the full catalog on the PlayStation Gear website.

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