Forspoken Will Reportedly Allow You To Reduce Random Dialogue

On paper, Forspoken appears to be a game that most players who like open worlds would enjoy. It has fast, magic base combat, fun ways to traverse the map, and a fairly interesting setting. Unfortunately, the only thing that anyone could focus on during one of the game's trailers was the way the protagonist spoke. The self-referential nature of the speech, coupled with the annoying pop to the dialogue, reminded everyone about why we're done with MCU movies.

We've already had our fill of mouthy protagonists since the days of Nathan Drake. Seeing Forspoken embrace that same formula is off putting, and frankly isn't getting many people excited for its launch. However, it appears that there might be a way that you can get the character to pipe down a little, and stop voicing every thought in her head.

As pointed out by gaming journalist Grant Stoner, the game has an accessibility feature that makes Frey, and possibly other characters, less chatty. So, if you're worried about having your ear talked off, you can just slide this all the way to zero, and not have to worry about what anyone has to say outside of story beats.

"I keep seeing people talk about the awful dialogue in Forspoken and wanted to let you all know that there is an option in the Accessibility menu to drastically reduce it," he Tweeted. "Accessibility doesn't have to be for disabled people only!"

However, it's unclear whether this option works for general dialogue during gameplay – like quips and general banter – or just vocal hints for puzzle based sections in the game, like in God of War: Ragnarok. Players were a bit annoyed with the vocal puzzle hints in the God of War sequel, as it gave them clues very quickly, even with the slider on the lowest setting.

However, you'll be able to check out all this and more for yourself, as a free demo for Forspoken was announced for PlayStation during The Game Awards show a few days ago. This was announced alongside a new trailer for the game, aimed at Frey's impact on the world.

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