Forspoken’s Latest PC Patch Has Broken The Game

Forspoken just rolled out patch 1.002 for PC, mostly focusing on adjusting HDR, fixing localisation and spelling hiccups, and fine-tuning how it runs on the Steam Deck. However, this patch has broken the game more than it has fixed it, adding new stuttering and performance issues.

As reported by PCGamesN, the new patch has allegedly caused entire PC crashes. "Patch fix? More like patch break," said one player. "[I] can't play [for] one minute since last patch. This was backed up by another player who said that they "played 40 hours without a single problem, and now patch causes the game to completely crash my PC (forced PC restart) every time I try to enter a cinematic."

Several on the Steam community page report that the patch has caused Forspoken to use much more of their CPU, with it spiking up to 100 percent when opened, while others say that it's causing driver crashes. Another problem cropping up is that controllers have stopped working entirely, forcing people to use mouse and keyboard or find an alternative like swapping out a Series controller for a Switch one.

There are workarounds for several of these bugs. For the controller issue, you have to redo your setup options in Steam and then restart, while for the stuttering, one Reddit user claims that downloading the latest DLSS plugin and swapping it in the Forspoken game directory seems to alleviate the issues. However, these are hardly intuitive solutions and require a bit of legwork to get done.

And while PC reboots, controllers breaking, and stuttering are all annoying, some are having to completely reinstall the game as they report getting pop-up errors saying to do just that.

This could be chalked up to how demanding Forspoken is, with the new patch potentially hitting those on the lower end of the recommended specs, but users with RTX 4070ti graphic cards and 16 to 32GB of RAM are also reporting these issues. Forspoken on PC is in a rough spot, so it might be best to wait for a patch to fix this patch.

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