Fortnite 10.40 patch notes tease: Combine map change, leaked skins and bug fixes

It's that time of the week again – the time we start getting ourselves all riled up as we anticipate Epic dropping a whole new platter of patch notes for us to feast on.

Over the weekend, we saw the Fortnite Batman Event kick off , bringing Gotham's most feared vigilante to the Battle Royale to celebrate his 80th anniversary.

But does that mean Epic will be slowing down the update train as we head into the new week?

Probably not – the developers over at Epic seem to have tapped into a never-ending stream of content because the updates just keep coming.

Better yet, all the information that has leaked about 10.40 seems to suggest that we're going to see a some massive changes to the game coming in Season 11 (which is supposedly going to drop in-game on October 7).

But for now, what can we expect to land in version 10.40? We've compiled our expectations below. Expect the new patch to land between now and Thursday, if previous weeks are anything to go by.

More skins

First up, we know that there are more skins coming to the game as part of Season X.

The 10.40 update was seemingly accidentally released on mobile before PC or consoles, and dataminers have already managed to trawl the files to discover some new cosmetics coming to the game.

The usual suspects (that's @ShiinaBR , @MaxWineBach , @FunGameLeaks ) have posted a series of the new, upcoming skins – some of which are based on previously existing skins.

There's quite a lot of new stuff incoming, so make sure to click through to the Twitter accounts and see what new items you could be rocking in the next update.

Map Changes

Changes to the Fortnite map should not be surprising to anyone at this point – it's kind of been Season X's whole 'thing' – so it shouldn't be shocking to learn that more changes could be incoming in the new update.

As per a mined 10.40 loading screen (below) it looks like we're going to see a location resembling a factory, with “Welcome to the Combine” engraved as a motif above a mysterious entrance.

Hmm. The second Loading Screen, seen here , sees some of the more popular characters from the game waving goodbye to the Battle Bus, with the description ”Last stop, Thank you, Bus driver!”

Does this indicate players are going to spawn in in a wholly new way as of the new update? Hmm.

Bug Fixes

As ever, there will be some fixes coming in the next release. As per the Fortnite Trello board, we can infer these are:

• Several cosmetics and pickaxe effects are not rendering properly
• Missing texture on tires in Port-a-Fort
• Some "My Island" menu settings apply default value in game after being changed
• Siphon effect missing in Creative games after being queued for Playgrounds
• Higher ping and latency in Creative Mode
• Flag Not Dropping in CTF

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