Fortnite 11.40 Update Patch Notes: Epic Confirms Sidegrading Heavy AR feature

Fortnite Chapter 2 was a good chance for Epic to reboot parts of the game and breathe a wave of new life into the world-renowned Battle Royale title.

But, sadly, after the launch of the game's second Chapter, everything seems to have slowed down.

Even back in November players were complaining about sluggish updates, and so far in 2020, the developer's communication and schedule for the game has left a lot of hardcore players unimpressed.

At least today that's changing, thanks to the release of a major new patch – version 11.40 – that's coming after some scheduled downtime.

Here's what we know about it so far, which you can find just below, along with all the Fortnite update 11.40 leaked skins and cosmetics.

Fortnite Update 11.40 Patch Notes – Confirmed


Use the Upgrade Stations to convert your AR to a Heavy AR.

Fortnite Update 11.40 Patch Notes – Unconfirmed

Below is a list of all errors and bug fixes previously listed on the Fortnite Trello board as fixed in next release.

Some of these may have been fixed today, but until confirmed by the community, or Epic Games actually produces something resembling patch notes, they remain unconfirmed:

General Issues

• Unable to go through gifting process

Players on consoles may get stuck and unable to progress through gifting process if they do not have 2-Factor Authentication

• Unable to select traps with a controller when 'Pick up' indicator is on-screen (future update)

Players may be unable to select traps with a controller when the 'Pick up' indicator is on-screen

Battle Royale

• Quick Bar inadvertently defaulted off on consoles/PC

We're aware of an issue involving players’ Quick Bar being inadvertently defaulted off on consoles and PC

• Star Wars Legacy entries disappeared

Players' Star Wars Legacy entries have disappeared

• "F" key not enabling proper movement after direction remap

After direction is remapped from a non-"F" key to the "F" key, the key may not allow for proper movement

• Editing quickly can cause players to remain in Edit mode

Editing quickly can cause players to remain in Edit mode, even if they're not editing anything

• Sniper Rifle crosshairs may disappear when players fall into a Hideout

Falling into a Hideout (haybale, dumpster, port-a-potty) while holding a Sniper Rifle may cause the crosshairs to disappear

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