Fortnite 24.20 patch notes, downtime, Attack on Titan Mythics and more

Fortnite update 24.20 is about to be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. The new Fortnite update has an April 11 release date and an 8am BST UK launch time. As a numbered update, the new Fortnite download will be accompanied by a period of extended server downtime, beginning when matchmaking is disabled at 7.30am BST. Even more bad news is that update 24.20 will be bigger than usual, so it might take longer to download.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter, alongside a sneak preview about what fans can expect.

“Prepare your ODM Gear and propel yourself into 24.20 with downtime beginning at 3 AM ET and matchmaking disabled shortly beforehand,” reads a Fortnite tweet.

“Please note that patch sizes for v24.20 will be larger than normal.”

As you can see from the tweet, the rumoured Attack on Titan Mythics will be available once downtime comes to an end.

The “ODM Gear” refers to Attack on Titan’s omni-directional mobility gear, which will enabled players to speedily traverse the island.

Speaking of Attack on Titan, Epic Games will also release the Mikasa and Levi skins, which can be seen (alongside the ODM Gear) in the video below. The Eren Jaeger Battle Pass skin will also be unlockable following the release of the update.

In addition to the Attack on Titan items, Epic is likely to add new items, skins and emotes to the servers. The new skins will be available to purchase from the item shop in the coming weeks.

Epic will also add new challenges, and will potentially alter parts of the map – perhaps with a new POI or two.

It’s possible the rumoured Smart Pistol will be added to the servers ahead of its release next week.

Likewise, Epic is expected to unvault the Submachine Gun, add new Augments, and vault an existing item.

That’s on top of the usual array of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, which can be seen in the update 24.20 patch notes below…

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Fortnite update 24.20 patch notes…


• Stray’s mask appears crooked

– Stray’s mask appears visually crooked/warped since v24.10

• The “Vital” audio track displays the incorrect season in the description

– The “Vital” audio track incorrectly displays it was introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1 instead of Chapter 4 Season 2.

• Some Back Bling’s appear to float and appear detached from the Highwire outfit

– Some Back Blings do not sit against the back of the Highwire outfit and instead appear to be floating.

• Trunks and branches of some trees move erratically

– Some players using Performance mode on PC or playing on Android may notice that trunks and branches of trees are moving.


• Some players using Android devices are unable to load into Creative maps.

– Some players using Android devices get stuck downloading content and are unable to load into Creative maps.


• Players can sometimes see hidden devices

– Players can some see devices that should not be visible.

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