Fortnite 8.30 LEAKED SKINS: Release date news for latest update item leaks

Fortnite fans have uncovered a host of new items following the release of update 8.30.

The latest Fortnite update went live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android earlier today.

The new patch introduced the brand new Reboot Van, which lets players revive squadmates.

Of course, a big new update usually means lots of leaks for new items, wraps, skins and more.

Unfortunately, however, update 8.30 has a severe lack of new skins.

While there are some skin variants and the unveiling of the Ruin skin, the majority of 8.30 leaks revolve around harvesting tools and wraps.

Available within the next two weeks, the new items were discovered by HYPEX and Lucas7yoshi.

In addition to Harvesting Tools and Wraps, a new style variant for Reflex (top of the page) was also discovered.

Stealth Reflex comes with a different colour scheme, as well as the Stealth Piviot glider and Stealth Angular Axe Pickaxe.

As an added bonus, there’s also the Stealth Response Unit Backbling.

The update 8.30 patch notes also confirmed plans to hold a brand new Buccaneer’s Bounty Event.

Running from April 10 until April 15, the Buccaneer’s Bounty Event features a different limited time event each day.

It also comes with its own set of challenges, not to mention some exclusive new rewards.

As part of the event, Epic Games has increased the spawn rate of treasure maps, as well as floor loot.

You’re also much more likely to come across a chest, which means extra items to help you win in Battle Royale.

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