Fortnite Chapter 4 Map Revealed

Fortnite Chapter 4's new map has been leaked on Twitter just a few hours before the official reveal trailer, and it seems to take place in outer space.

Although the official reveal of Chapter 4 isn't supposed to happen for another few hours, it seems that some people have managed to get their hands on the trailer, as some of its contents have started leaking out, courtesy of reliable Fortnite insider ShiinaBR. Some of the contents leaked so far include some of the game's new collaborations, including The Witcher and Hulk, but the most interesting so far is the new map.

The image of the map comes from ShiinaBR and, as the teasers for the new chapter have been teasing for some time, seems to tease that we're going to space. It's hard to make out too many of the landmarks currently as the picture is quite zoomed out, but it looks as if the world has just been lifted from the Earth and plonked down somewhere in space.

This new theme probably isn't too surprising to most Fortnite players, as Epic has been releasing teasers over the past few weeks that show characters floating around. That, and the fact that the event is called Fracture, seemed to imply that something big was about to happen to The Island.

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