Fortnite Could Be Teasing A Transformers Crossover

Fortnite has crossed over with just about every major IP at this point, though there are still a few sizeable omissions from the game. Considering Epic's relationship with Hasbro, Transformers might well be the most notable of those omissions. However, clues that Optimus Prime and perhaps a few other Autobots, and maybe even a Decpticon or two, are about to enter The Loop are starting to stack up.

PCGamesN has gathered up all the evidence hinting that a Transformers x Fortnite crossover is about to roll out and suffice to say, despite no official confirmation, it seems incredibly likely. First of all, what might well be a tease via the official Fortnite account itself. The phrase “it's Prime time” while flaunting the game's latest update. Possibly a reference to Twitch Prime drops, but maybe a hint that the Autobot leader will be welcomed onto the island very soon.

The Fortnite leakers and dataminers have been out in full force too. Apparently the structire from Chapter 1 that some players thought was a Transformer will be making a return soon. That's impressive long-term storytelling if it does and it really was a Transformer all this time. InTheShade has also claimed a new mech-like vehicle will be introduced to Fortnite, complete with its own emotes. Sounds like the perfect way to introduce Bumblebee.

The clues keep on coming. The truck Peely arrived in to save the day during the last end of season event gave off some serious Optimus Prime vibes. The latest Epic survey sent to Fortnite players also includes references to Transformers. Not always the best way to judge what might be coming next. Samus has been on a number of those questionnaires and there has still been no sign of a Metroid crossover.

It has been a little quieter than usual when it comes to Fortnite crossovers so far this season, but there have still been a handful of big ones. The Mighty Thor landed in-game to celebrate the arrival of Love And Thunder, and Epic ran an event in Fall Guys that earned players rewards across both games, not to mention Rocket League.

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