Fortnite: Every Week 8 Challenge

This week’s Fortnite challenges have been released and it’s time to get cracking. Thankfully, most of this week’s challenges are relatively easy. Some tasks will have you driving around the map and visiting different locations. If you’ve been doing all the challenges that have been released these past eight weeks you know what to expect.

Nonetheless, they’re fun and mix up Fortnite’s gameplay and most importantly, make it so players land in different locations and explore all of the game’s mechanics, weapons, and items.

In this guide, we’ll go over all of Fortnite’s week 8 challenges and how to complete them in case you’re having trouble.

Dance In A Durrr Burger Kitchen

This week there is a set of challenges related to the two rival fast-food restaurants, Durrr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit.

The challenges start off by having players dance in a Durrr Burger kitchen. To do this, head to the Logjam Woodworks landmark on coordinate B6. It is here that you will find the Durrr Burger restaurant in Fortnite.

Enter the restaurant and go into its kitchen, then choose any emote to dance. This task should now be complete.

Use Firefly Jar At The Pizza Pit

The Pizza Pit is next to The Orchard landmark, north of Colossal Crops. The Pizza Pit restaurant is what remains of Tomato Town, serving as Durrr Burger’s rival. This week you have to use a firefly jar in this location.

To obtain the Firefly Jar item simply catch a firefly. They aren’t hard to find and usually spawn near water and forest areas. Once you’ve caught one, simply aim and throw it while you’re at the Pizza Pit.

Drive From Durrr Burger To Pizza Pit Without Exiting A Vehicle

The best way you complete this challenge is to plan a route before attempting to drive from one place to the other.

Thankfully, there are several vehicles at the Durrr Burger — just make sure to fill its tank beforehand and then head up to the Pizza Pit.

Collect Research Books From Holly Hedges And Pleasant Park

You need to collect eight research books this week and they’re scattered across two busy points of interest. There are three books in Pleasant Park and five books in Holly Hedges.

If you’re having trouble finding the books, our research book locations guide describes where you can find each one. It will also help, given the fact that these are hot-drop locations, so you might not have much time to search for the books since you’ll most likely have players all around you.

Use Launcher From Guardian Towers (3)

There is a total of six Guardian Towers on the Battle Royale map. If you go to any one of these locations and go up the tower, you will notice that there is a strange structure on top.

This structure is a launcher, and if you walk through it, it will launch you forward. To complete this challenge you will have to use a launcher from these towers three times. This image shows where you can find all the towers and what the launcher looks like:

Open Chests At The Spire Or Guardian Towers (3)

This next challenge will require you to open three chests, either at The Spire or the Guardian Towers.

Since The Spire is a POI and therefore much larger and populated, it has an abundance of chests. However, if you decide to head toward the Guardian Towers, since it tends to be safer, try to reach the top of the tower as two chests usually spawn there.

Damage Opponent Within 10 Seconds Of Landing (1)

It is not always easy to damage an opponent as soon as you land, especially if they get to a weapon before you do. But it is not impossible. Here are two tips that will help you accomplish this:

  • Enter a Solo match and go for a hot-drop. A hot drop is a place where a lot of opponents will land. So, typically, the center of the map (The Spire) and POIs close to the battle bus line.
  • Enter a Team Rumble match and land on the enemy’s side. Then, you will definitely find opponents as soon as you drop — and even if you don’t find a gun straight away, you can just hit them with your pickaxe.

Destroy Structures With Fire (100, 200, 300, 400, 500)

This week’s legendary quest will have you burning up to 500 structures. There are different ways to use fire to destroy structures.

Since you will have to ignite so many structures throughout the week, it is likely that you will resort to some or all of these methods. Here are all the ways to do it:

Use A Primal Flame Bow Or A Firefly Jar

If you’re looking for a practical solution that you can easily use on the go, you should opt to use the flame bow or the firefly jar for this challenge.

You can easily craft yourself a primal flame bow. All you need is a Rare primal bow and a gas can or a firefly jar. You can catch fireflies in the wild near bodies of water and forest areas.

Use Cars Or Gas Cans/Pumps

Although this method isn’t as practical, it still works if you haven’t gotten the opportunity to collect fireflies or to make a flame bow.

You can get a car down to 0 HP and it will explode, causing its surroundings to ignite. The resulting fire will then spread. If any structures catch fire because of the explosion, it will count toward the progress of this challenge.

If you’re near a gas pump or have a gas can in your inventory, you can shoot them and they will burst into flames and explode. The surroundings will catch fire, similarly to what happens with the car.

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