Fortnite First Person Mode Appears To Be In Early Development

Fortnite's newest season kicked off last weekend, bringing Darth Vader to The Loop along with it. While it hasn't introduced something as groundbreaking as a Zero Build mode to the game like last season did, there appears to be a real chance it does bring as big a gamechanger to Fortnite before season three becomes season four. The option to play the game in first-person.

Fortnite has a dedicated team of players constantly data mining the game and its latest updates, and the latest deep dive has discovered clues that a first-person mode is incoming. The news comes courtesy of reliable Fortnite leaker Hypex (via IGN) who shared their findings on Twitter. “Epic began working on some stuff about first-person camera mode but there's no other info about it at the moment as it looks like it's still in early development,” Hypex tweeted.

As highlighted by Hypex, a Fortnite first-person mode would work pretty well for those playing Zero Build. One of the main reasons Fortnite appears to have been exclusively third person since it launched in 2017 is so players can see their structures as they build a fortress around them. Building in first-person wouldn't really work but take away the building and a first-person mode actually makes sense.

Fortnite players have already highlighted a potential issue with the game getting first-person outside of building. The inability to see the cosmetics you've unlocked and perhaps even spent money on. You'll still be able to see your skins and accompanying items on the main menu, and others will be able to see your look in-game as and when you come across them, but you'll no longer be constantly looking down on your fit as you play.

If Fortnite is going to get a first-person mode, it's probably still a long way off. As mentioned by Hypex, the data mined info suggests the mode is still in early development. As for what's in Fortnite right now, as well as Darth Vader, Indiana Jones has also been added to the game. You can also unlock the all-new and original Spider-Man Zero outfit right now by buying the Fortnite x Marvel comic book and redeeming the code inside.

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