Fortnite Player Gets Incredible Kill With Shockwave Hammer And Debris

A Fortnite player has managed to capture an incredible kill that was achieved by using the Shockwave Hammer, a bit of debris, and a whole lot of luck.

Since its debut this season, the Shockwave Hammer has been a controversial weapon thanks to its unpredictability, both when using it and having to figure out the right angle to hit from, and when someone is twirling through the air against you. As mixed as the response to the Shockwave Hammer has been since it was added, that hasn't stopped Fortnite players getting some incredible kills with it.

As shared by Dexerto's Twitter, Fortnite player J_D_Bridge managed to capture a clip that shows off the absolute best of the Shockwave Hammer, although the player on the receiving end of it probably wouldn't agree. The clip begins by showing J_D_Bridge scouting around for enemies by jumping on a launch pad.

As they land onto the building and stand on top of a structure, they see an enemy right in front of them and quickly smash the Shockwave Hammer into the ground. This sends the enemy flying far away, but it also disconnects a part of the building and sends it tumbling into the ground.

Because J_D_Bridge was stood on the piece of building that falls to the ground (from a height that would almost definitely kill them if they hadn't been standing on something), they then use the Shockwave Hammer again to send it flying into the enemy that they had just hit, killing them in one go. It's a pretty incredible kill, which is then punctuated by an emote from J_D_Bridge.

Although this kill is easily one of the most impressive I've seen in Fortnite for some time, it's not the only example of the Shockwave Hammer being put to good use, as the Fortnite subreddit is full of clips of similar instances, such as this one from Redditor NaderBader that shows them essentially playing basketball with a car.

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