Fortnite update 9.30 Patch Notes Preview: Drum Shotgun, Downtime news, Map Changes


There’s a variety of issues that still need fixing and according to the games Trello board, some are fixed and likely to be deployed in a future release. Annoyingly some are problems which were listed as ‘fixed’ for the next release as far back as last week.

We can only cross out fingers and hope they’ll be sorted this week.

For Battle Royale players one issue involves problems with players and traps, which are sometimes invisible. Not very helpful. Likewise, some players have complained of issues picking up items, but this again is fixed in a future release.

In Creative Part of the mountain textures in Canyon Island are exposed (still), revealing a flat textured wall jutting from the side of the cliff. Again this should be fixed soon, but who can tell at this stage.

Over on the games Save the World mode, Epic has noted two issues which are fixed in the next release, this includes: “Slow Fields visual is extremely bright around the edges” and another issue with the Plasmatron 9000 having a slower than intended fire rate.

Android Voice Chat issues have been causing problems for mobile players for some time and though it is listed as ‘Fixed in next release’ on the games Trello board, we suspect that it still won’t be fixed.

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