Fortnite Update Adds References To New Captain America Set, Possibly Sam Wilson

Fortnite has teamed up with some big shows, games, and movies, but none of its collaborations are bigger than the one it has with Marvel. New heroes have been added to the live service game at a steady rate, and new details discovered in today's v23.40 update point to the next character making a superhero landing on Fortnite's island being Sam Wilson's Captain America.

There are always at least two layers to every Fortnite update. The first reveals everything that will be added as soon as it goes live. The second comes courtesy of Fortnite's dedicated team of dataminers who dive into the update and attempt to figure out what's to come. Hypex has done exactly that and discovered an item shop banner for a future crossover and a placeholder for a Captain America set.

Those two things combined point to a new Cap' coming to Fortnite soon. The First Avenger has already been added to Fortnite during the game's long relationship with Marvel, so that likely means the new Captain America potentially coming to the game will be Sam Wilson, the Avenger confirmed to be taking the reins from Steve Rogers.

Wilson was revealed to be the new Cap' in the MCU at the end of Disney Plus show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Since he hasn't returned to the MCU since, and more casual fans might not have watched the show, Marvel reconfirmed there's a new Captain America during the Super Bowl last weekend by introducing the character by his new moniker.

Wilson was Falcon in the MCU before now, of course, one character who hasn't been added to Fortnite yet. It would be pretty cool if Wilson gets two skins, a Captain America one and a Falcon one, if and when he is added. It's been a while since Fortnite got new Marvel content, but with the MCU starting back up this week via Ant-Man 3, it makes sense that its next crossover is implemented soon.

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