Free PS4 theme unlocked by PlayStation Player Celebration users

Earlier in February, PlayStation announced the ' PlayStation Player Celebration ' – a sort-of community competition where players can earn themselves (and others!) a slew of PlayStation prizes for taking part in gaming challenges.

All you had to do is play your PS4 games as you normally would.

The PS4 games you play – and any PS4 Trophies that you you earn – contribute to the community goals, and once those goals are hit, prizes are rewarded.

Well, the good news is that this one of those targets did indeed get met!

As per Sony, the stats are in and you voracious lot managed to play upwards of 125,000 PS4 games and unlock over 500,000 Trophies!

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As such, those who took part will get a notification from Sony in the coming weeks that will allow them to download a brand spanking new PS4 theme.

You will be able to download the theme straight to your console once you've received the notification, according to Sony.

Now, we're onto the next step.

If players play 375,000 games and unlock a hefty 1,500,000 (that's 1.5 million!) Trophies, five exclusive PSN avatars will be unlocked in celebration.

Once that's ticked off, we'll need to collectively start 675,000 games and bag ourselves over 2.7 million Trophies to unlock a dynamic theme featuring some of the PS4's best exclusive games – doesn't that sound tasty?

You better get gaming!

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