Freedom Games E3 Shows Coromon, A Pokemon Clone With "Built-In Nuzlocke"

Freedom Games showed more of its monster-taming RPG Coromon at today’s E3 showcase. It stood among several other promising indies, including the Fire Emblem-like Dark Deity. Coromon is very much a love letter to the earlier Pokemon games, but with several key features fans have been asking for.

The biggest way Coromon strikes out on its own is by adding a dedicated Nuzlocke option. Nuzlocke is a popular way of playing Pokemon that fans have come up with. It makes the games, which are known to be on the easier side for their younger audience, more challenging by having Pokemon “die” permanently if they hit zero HP. The rules of Nuzlocke can vary based on personal preference, but it comes down to you enforcing it on yourself. Coromon changes this by having be an actual part of the game.

Another fan-favorite addition is enhanced trainer customization. Pokemon didn’t add that until the games went 3D, so this will be the first time monster tamers get a change to play with robust options using their 2D sprite.

Other than that, and other modernization tweaks, Coromon is still a “collect and battle” experience at its core. Turn-based tactical battles featuring colorful critters is the name of the game, and should delight those who grew up on handheld Pokemon.

Coromon is set to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

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