From GoldenEye To Battletoads, Gamers Are Sharing The Best Pause Music Themes

The recent re-release of GoldenEye 007 on Switch and Xbox has reminded everyone just how great its soundtrack is, which has reignited conversations about some of the generation's best music.

Earlier this week, Rare and Nintendo teamed up once more to bring everyone's favourite long-lost movie tie-in over to modern consoles – GoldenEye 007. Although there are plenty of reasons why GoldenEye is so fondly remembered, one big reason is its music, which was composed by Grant Kirkhope, Graeme Norgate, and Robin Beanland.

In particular, the pause menu theme has gone viral once again thanks to the re-releases, giving everyone a chance to listen to one of the best takes on the James Bond theme (don't worry, the gong is still in the Switch version). The legendary theme has caused some gamers to question what other games from the generation have soundtracks made up of pure bangers.

ResetEra user LanceX2 started the conversation off by admitting that they'd never heard the GoldenEye 007 pause menu theme before the re-releases and questioned how it can "go so hard". LanceX2 then asked what other games from "the past" had similarly epic soundtracks, which led to a flurry of great tracks being shared, ranging from pause menu themes to some more obscure picks.

One of the first suggestions made in the thread is Battletoads, which makes sense considering it's one of the few games to be able to beat GoldenEye's pause theme. You simply can't mention pause menu themes without the iconic thumping and clapping from another of Rare's classic games. The team just gets pause menu themes, apparently.

Another interesting pick comes from ResetEra user Izanagi89, who shared The Legend of Dragoon's main menu theme. As someone who's never played The Legend of Dragoon before, I was expecting a wistful, fantasy theme and was instead met with a jamming bop that wouldn't sound of out place in a low-fi playlist.

I'd also never heard Wario World's pause theme until going through this thread, and it's an experience I think we all need to have at one point in our lives. Having Wario sing "nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah" at you might sound like the world's worst trip, but the combination of turning gears and pops makes it a weirdly hypnotic theme. Sorry GoldenEye, it looks like your time in the sun is done.

Speaking of games I've not played, ResetEra user Rated-G sent in the "obligatory" theme from Buck Bumble. There I was thinking that the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64 was the best song with lyrics on the Nintendo 64, but here comes this incredibly obscure platformer with a song that's straight out of an early FIFA game. This is now the clear winner of the lot, sorry.

The thread (which is still being added to as of the time of writing) has a ton of other great choices too, from obvious picks like pretty much anything else from Rare to other Nintendo classics like Super Mario 64. If the GoldenEye pause theme has been stuck on replay for you over the past few days, this might be the thread for you.

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