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The Frost Death Knight is one of three available deck archetypes for Hearthstone's newest hero. This guide covers a Triple Frost Rune deck that makes use of some the key new cards available, including Frostwyrm's Fury and Overseer Frigidara. It's a 40-card Renathal deck designed to wear your opponent over a prolonged game, with heavy board control and chip damage. Alternatively, you can play super fast by dumping loads of direct damage on the opponents' head. It's extremely versatile, which is its biggest strength.

We will cover each card in the deck and why they find their way into the mix, as well as general play tips and mulligan advice. The vast majority of these cards are available in the core set of Death Knight.

Triple Frost Death Knight Deck List

Here's the complete deck list for this Death Knight deck. It's relatively affordable and does not require crafting many extra Legendaries or cards.

Horn of Winter (x2) Death Knight0
Bone Breaker (x2) Death Knight1
Icy Touch (x2) Death Knight1
Astalor Bloodsworn (x1) Neutral2
Deathchiller (x2) Death Knight2
Defrost (x2) Death Knight2
Frost Strike (x2) Death Knight2
Harbinger of Winter (x2) Death Knight2
Chillfallen Baron (x2) Death Knight3
Glacial Advance (x2) Death Knight3
Howling Blast (x2) Death Knight3
Nerubian Vizier (x1) Neutral3
Prince Renathal (x1) Neutral3
Rimefang Sword (x2) Death Knight3
Guild Trader (x2) Neutral4
Lady Deathwhisper (x1) Death Knight4
Might of Menethil (x2) Death Knight4
Remorseless Winter (x2) Death Knight4
Thassarian (x1) Death Knight4
Rime Sculptor (x2) Death Knight5
Marrow Manipulator (x2) Death Knight6
Overseer Frigidara (x2) Death Knight6
Frostwyrm's Fury (x2) Death Knight7

Card By Card

This section covers our reasoning behind including each card in the deck. Let's get into it.

  • Horn of Winter – Refresh two mana crystals to allow you to pull off combos into various moving parts of the deck, whether that's casting Frostwyrm's Fury a turn early, or providing that killer blow for damage.
  • Bone Breaker – Chip damage! Any time you attack a minion, you will also deal damage to the enemy. We like this for early board control, but you can also just hit the opponent's face if they don't play any minions.
  • Icy Touch – Another control aspect of the deck, Icy Touch allows you to freeze enemy minions or deal direct damage to the opponent.
  • Astalor Bloodsworn – Astalor Bloodsworn is a great legendary that is used in this deck for its final form, Astalor The Flamebringer, to deal up to 16 damage directly to the opponent if played correctly.
  • Deathchiller – Deathchiller is potentially a weak link in this deck, as it provides good control early on, but there might be space for better cards here. Alternatives might include Invincible, the Death Knight legendary, or Venomous Scorpid for that spell discovery.
  • Defrost – Important card draw.
  • Frost Strike – Great for discovering very powerful Rune cards. Can make or break the game.
  • Harbinger of Winter – Helps you to get your Frost spells in hand before playing Lady Deathwhisper.
  • Chillfallen Baron – Important card draw.
  • Glacial Advance – Great control card with the potential to assist big damage combos with its mana reduction side effect.
  • Howling Blast – Another good control card that can also be used to hit the enemy directly.
  • Nerubian Vizier – A great card if you can line it up properly as it helps discover powerful spell cards.
  • Prince Renathal – Essential for the 40 card deck.
  • Rimefang Sword – Reduces the cost of Frostwyrm before you copy it, great for end-game combos.
  • Guild Trader – Spell damage is great for that extra damage, but you can also trade this out to chase after your more important cards.
  • Lady Deathwhisper – Essential part of the end-game damage combo (stack as many Frostwyrm's as you can).
  • Might of Menethil – Really decent control weapon with the potential to deal damage directly to the enemy.
  • Remorseless Winter – Clear the board with card draw? This is one of Death Knight's best cards.
  • Thassarian – Great tempo play.
  • Rime Sculptor – Another great tempo play, excess damage is likely to hit the opponent directly.
  • Marrow Manipulator – Late-game potential for damage with this card.
  • Overseer Frigidara – Clear the board and pull your important Frost spells from the deck. Essential.
  • Frostwyrm's Fury – Essential. The entire deck pivots around the damage and control you get from Frostwyrm's Fury.

Playstyle Tips

This deck is sort of a hybrid, and it's extremely versatile whether you want to play aggressively or take it more slowly. Essentially, the main of the deck is to stack Frostwyrm's Fury using the copying effects of Lady Deathwhisper. You can get up to four Frostwyrm's this way, which is 20 damage, and four turns of your opponent being unable to attack.

Of course, that isn't successful every game simply because you won't draw the exact cards you need. Thankfully, this deck also provides fantastic control through its various Frost spells, like Frost Strike and Remorseless Winter. This gives you time to stall out against opponents who are playing the long game, like Quest Priest or Blood Death Knight.

Face damage, which is where you hit the opponent directly, is very important in this deck. As we will cover in the matchups section of the guide, the margins are often very slim. That extra one, two, three damage from a spell or weapon attack can make the difference. Often you will want to deal damage directly to the enemy hero rather than their minions, as your freezes keep those under control.

Mulligan Tips

Ideally, you're looking for as much card draw early on as possible. Your mulligan choices impact that.

  • Keep:
    • Defrost
    • Frost Strike
    • Harbinger of Winter
  • Potential Keeps:
    • Frostwyrm's Fury
    • Lady Deathwhisper
    • Throwaway:
      • Marrow Manipulator
      • Might of Menethil
      • Overseer Frigidara
      • Deck Matchups

        This Frost Death Knight deck is very versatile, and matchups often come down to quite small margins. Here's a look at some of the matchups we've gone through so far.

        Opponent's DeckMatchup
        Quest PriestYou need to go fast against Quest priest. Full face damage, all the time, otherwise you'll run out of steam against the swarms of powerful minions and spells.
        Blood Death KnightBlood Death Knight decks are still being refined, but at the moment, this Frost Death Knight deck fares pretty well against Denathrius-centric decks. Just deal lots of damage before they can get to their endgame, freeze big minions, save your powerful spells to clear taunts. Lifesteal is the biggest problem here for your Frost deck.
        Ramp DruidA popular deck before and after the Lich King Expansion, this Frost deck fares very well against the spiraling damage of the Ramp druid. Pull your cards for draw and damage, and you can finish the game before it even starts going.
        Aggro and Tempo DecksThis is where the Frost deck really shines. You'll be able to pick up a lot of Corpses as your minions die, control the board with your various Frost spells, and close out big damage before you get swarmed.

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