Galarian Ponyta is a Pokémon Shield exclusive

The pastel unicorn-esque creature galloping around the 24-hour Pokémon Sword and Shield stream is, indeed, Galarian Ponyta.

The Pokémon Company released new details on the “Unicorn Horn Pokémon” this morning after fans spotted its glistening mane multiple times during the 24-hour stream. The developer also confirmed that Galarian Ponyta is a Shield exclusive — it’s certainly not going to be easy to choose between Sirfetch’d, a Sword exclusive, and this pastel masterpiece.

Two abilities listed for Galarian Ponyta are “Pastel Veil” and “Run Away,” which explains why she was so secretive on screen. The Pokémon Company described Pastel Veil as an ability that “prevents the Pokémon and its allies from becoming poisoned.” Pastel Veil can also cure poisoned Pokémon from its ailment when it joins a battle.

These abilities are shown in a new clip posted to Twitter this morning.

We’ve also learned how Ponyta’s fiery mane turned into cotton candy fluff. Apparently, Galarian Pokémon have been in the region’s Glimwood Tangle forest “since ancient times,” where they were exposed to “overflowing life energy” from the forest. The Pokémon can absorb life energy from the atmosphere — and naturally, it’s stored in its mane. The mane will sparkle — like we saw on stream — when there’s a lot of energy in the atmosphere.

Like Sirfetch’d, Galarian Ponyta has been added to the growing list of new Pokémon that have a special look for the new games.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, set in the new Galar region, will be released on Nov. 15 for Nintendo Switch. On Nov. 8, Nintendo will release a Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield-themed version of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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