Game Of Thrones Cosplayer Forges Sansa Stark Armour From Scratch

It is no secret that Game of Thrones fans are truly passionate about the series. From learning the entire Dothraki language to recreating the Iron Throne in their living room, Thrones fans are not shy about sharing their love for the fantasy world. Now, one fan is taking their love of the series and blending it with their love of blacksmithing to forge Sansa Stark’s elaborate “Queen in the North” armor.

Thrones fan and award-winning cosplayer @megabethbob took to Twitter to share her process for making the impressive steel breastplate. A series of tweets, compiled into a handy dandy thread, takes viewers through the entire process of bringing Sansa’s season 8 armor to life. However, if you have ambitions to recreate the breastplate, make sure you know your way around a forge as the piece took 2 days of blacksmithing to create.

The cosplayer kicked off the process with the creation of a pattern from duct tape and cling film. From there, it was an easy two weeks, yes 14 days, of photographing each piece of the armor, scaling it to size, and drawing up the designs to convert to laser cutting files. Talk about dedication!

Once the steel pieces were cut, it was a matter of embossing them to obtain the delicate, yet strong, look of the armor’s vine-like pattern. Next up, a lot of hammering to mold each piece to the shape of the creator’s body. According to @megabethbob this was the most time-consuming part of the process as each strike had to then be checked to ensure it fits. Once done, the individual pieces were welded together, and the base layer and day one is complete.

The next day involved a lot of refinement to get the look of the design right. Honestly, I am tired just reading and watching the process so I can’t imagine the dedication required to actually make the piece. Of course, it is worth it as the final product is a gorgeous recreation of one of Sansa’s greatest looks from the show. So, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, blacksmithing, or cosplaying, then you have to check out @megabethbob’s creation. Although, don’t bother sharing your season 8 opinions with her, as she couldn’t care less.

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