Game Pass On Quest 2 Is A Gamer Changer

The most exciting gaming announcement from the Meta Connect Keynote this week was presented as an afterthought. In fact, if you tuned out after the brief gaming segment you would have missed this news completely. Towards the end of the showcase during the reveal that Microsoft Teams and Office 365 are coming to the Quest Pro, Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella also revealed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is coming to the Quest store, date TBC. This should be a big deal for budget gamers and frequent travelers alike. Not because you don’t need an Xbox anymore, but because you don’t need a screen.

I fall into the frequent traveler camp, so I’m excited at the possibilities that Game Pass in VR will open up for me. Right now I have two options for Game Pass on the Go: Game Pass mobile or Game Pass for PC via laptop. Both options have worked fairly well for me, though with significant trade-offs. Try as I might to enjoy Game Pass on my Pixel 6 (with the help of the Razer Kishi 2) I just can’t get into console games on such a tiny screen. I play a lot of mobile games like Pokemon Unite and Marvel Snap, but it just doesn’t feel right playing Deathloop or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on a six inch display. The laptop is bigger, but Game Pass PC streaming is still in beta and a little rough around the edges. Also, after a long day of working on my laptop, I’m not keen to jump right into a game on the same screen.

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