Games Inbox: Do you think there should be a Rainbow Six Siege 2?

The evening Inbox is upset at the current state of real-time strategies, as a reader demands NetherRealm make Super Horror Bros.

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Service future

Interesting to see Ubisoft say that it doesn’t want to make a sequel even for the next gen consoles. That is pretty extreme. By they’ve proven themselves to be experts at games as a service and while I only play Rainbow Six Siege a bit I’ve always felt they handle it very well and, most importantly fairly, with no scamming of players and a fairly open approach.

It does seem odd to me that they wouldn’t want to make a sequel just to take advantage of the new graphics though and I can’t work out whether that’s an admission that they won’t be much different or that it just doesn’t matter to Siege.

Maybe they just intend to update the graphics and treat that as a normal upgrade. But with more power in a console comes potential improvements to things like physics and lighting (and yes, ray-tracing), and stuff like that could drastically change how a game plays.

I suspect we will see a sequel in all but name but I think it shows how far things have come when a company doesn’t even bother to call a new product a sequel or even necessarily charge extra for it.
Kendal Mint


Sense of Duty

I for one welcome the news of no Zombies mode in this year’s Call Of Duty. I am optimistically awaiting news of the co-op being the excellent Spec Ops mode from Modern Warfare 2 and 3. I hope they have a sense of duty to fans of that particular arm of the franchise.

My wife and I loved playing through these and recently started Modern Warfare 2’s version again. We have never achieved three stars on all missions though. The big question will be is there a battle royale mode? Call Of Duty gets an unfair rep in my book, I’ve bought on release ever since becoming obsessed with Call Of Duty 4 and have never felt short changed. It’s a staple of my varied gaming diet.

GC: It definitely sounds like it’ll be similar to Spec Ops, from what they’ve said so far. Everything points towards no battle royale, but we wouldn’t rule out that turning up separately.


Super Horror Bros.

Is anyone else suddenly more interested in Mortal Kombat 11 from the DLC than they ever where with the game? I do find it a bit bizarre how seriously Mortal Kombat takes its story and for me the violence just became a bit yucky a few years ago.

But now I want to see Ash and the Terminator in the game. I only wish they would add in the Alien and Predator and Freddy from the previous games too, although I realise there are legal rights there too. Someone suggested turning Mortal Kombat into a Smash Bros. for horror films and I scoffed but now it seems like a really good idea.

I’d much rather see that that Injustice 3. Add in comic characters like the Turtles, Spawn, and Hellboy, and you’ve already got a decent sized roster. All it needs is Jason, Michael Myers, and Pinhead and you’re basically there.


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Non-optional extras

I’ve had PlayStation VR since day one and lived every minute of it and if there’s a deal at £209.99 with five games that’s the deal of the year.

You will definitely need PlayStation Moves though. I know they’re not the best controllers but they’re indispensable in games like Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood (I recommend the PlayStation Aim Controller too, for the likes of Doom VFR and Borderlands 2).

And if you take the plunge in you’ll have one advantage over me, you won’t have to wait two and a half years for Blood & Truth!

Although definitely play The London Heist first.

Basically, go for it, as it will be a while before PlayStation VR 2 but I know I’ll be there on day one yet again


Name in the credits

I like that Hideo Kojima’s games are recognisably his, but I find that the things he is most noted for (long cut scenes, bizarro dialogue, and complicated controls) are aspects of gaming that I don’t particularly enjoy.

That said, there is plenty in the games he’s been a part of to like, but I’m less sure how big a part he plays in the actual gameplay?
Matt Woolley (he_who_runs_away – PSN ID)


A bad idea

Ugh, it is so true what you said about real-time strategy games. At this point I would be happy with just a rebranded Command & Conquer or something. Just copy the formula and at least put out something decent and playable. This Conan game sounds awful. Like, who, at any point, thought that having one randomly-generated map was a good idea? Or only two heroes? Or, you know… terrible graphics and artificial intelligence.

I too have my doubts about Petroglyph as not even Star Wars: Empire At War was that great and that was their best, and earliest, game. I hope they put a light under themselves for the Command & Conquer remake though because that’s not an opportunity that’s going to come round again, especially not from a company like EA.

My only real hope for real-time strategies is that when VR headsets get higher resolution they’ll be perfect for it. I’ve played a few as it is though and they’re not nearly good enough for all that fine detail yet. One day though…
Iggy Pong

GC: There’s actually a third hero, but you have to buy the deluxe edition to get it…


Superior alternative

A shame about Conan Unconquered, oh well.

I have just started playing Divinity: Original Sin in co-op mode with my wife after reading about its merits on the hallowed GameCentral pages.


Apparently there’s a second one as well that got 10/10 GC! Planets and alignment. Biblical.
Matt Kirk


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Days Gone gone

I just wanted to say thanks to GC and those that wrote in with advice for my gaming slump, I seem to have come out of the other side of it now and despite advice to stay away from post-apocalyptic open world games for a while it is actually Rage 2 that I have been playing and enjoying for the past week (I do however have some of the suggestions made by readers, such as Subnautica, ready to go if I start to feel a burnout again or when I finish Rage 2).

I’ve come to the conclusion that it was more a case of not really enjoying Days Gone than being in a slump. I tried to push through the game to get it cleared because usually I hate moving on to a new game until I have finished what I am playing, but after experiencing a few game crashes and getting sick of the constant bugs and pacing issues I decided that enough was enough and traded it in.

I do accept some of the criticisms of Rage 2, but I am actually really enjoying it, the excellent gunplay more than makes up for most of its issues in my opinion. The only real bugbear I have is that the vehicle combat isn’t better given that it’s from the same studio that made Mad Max but on the whole I think it’s a decent enough game.
Rickandrolla (PSN ID)


Inbox also-rans

You’re probably right that big budget 3D Metroidvanias don’t exist. Sadly, it’s almost 20(!) years later, and we’re still waiting for the definitive sequel to Metroid Prime…
ttfp saylow (gamertag)
Now playing: GTA Online

Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying Void Bastards, and I totally agree about the cel-shading being excellent. Dunno why it’s not on PlayStation 4 though. Would never have heard of it if not for GC.


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