Games Inbox: Should Final Fantasy VII Remake change what happens to Aerith?

The morning Inbox is not impressed by EA’s attempts to rebrand loot boxes, as another reader defends Microsoft’s E3 and the new Battletoads.

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Alternative history

So here’s a question I’ve seen a few people asking lately: should Final Fantasy VII Remake allow you to change what happens to Aerith? I’m not going to spell out what happens to her in the original game but I assume most people know already, whether they’ve played the game or not, which is one reason why I think Square Enix might be thinking of changing things, or at least offering the option at some point.

These Watchmen of Fate things that are in the game now sound like they could be connected with changing the original plot and I would be fine with that if it was like a choice you made at certain points in the game. I imagine some people will think that’s sacrilege but what’s most interesting to me about the remake is that Square do seem willing to change things up and add to the story, which I am all for.

I can already smell the Internet petitions though so I’ll be interested to see if they go that far and if people accept it. They’ve already said they’ll incorporate stuff from the spin-offs though so I think the chance is there. Curious to know whether other people think it’s a good idea or not.


Insufficient data

The more I think about what was shown at E3 the more I think Square Enix made a mistake with Marvel’s Avengers. Whatever was shown behind closed doors still hasn’t been released to the public, but even when it does I don’t get the impression that anything shows why the game justifies being played again and again like Destiny.

I know they avoided comparisons with any specific games but if they’re giving away characters and levels for free there’s got to be the expectation that you’re playing them again and again. Because who’s going to buy lots of costumes for a character if you’re only playing them once or twice?

Maybe later levels are so big or open-ended and it all makes sense but at the moment it all seems a bit… small? I also think the graphics, and the designs of their faces are really bad. They should’ve either made them look like the actors or like the comics, that kind of half-and-half isn’t working for me.


Flat favourites

The recent comments about Link’s Awakening made me wonder what people consider to be the best 2D Zelda game? I’ve always assumed that A Link To The Past was the runaway favourite, with Link’s Awakening second but is that right? I know a lot of people like Minish Cap but I thought it never really did enough with the shrinking gimmick. I didn’t really like any of the DS games either. A Link Between Worlds was great though and a very worthy sequel to the original. I don’t really remember Capcom’s Game Boy Color games though and I’m not actually sure I’ve played them both.

If Link’s Awakening is a success I wonder if they’ll consider remaking A Link To The Past after that, and if they did would they do it in the same graphical style? I always saw A Link To The Past as more serious, as least as serious as Ocarina Of Time so I’m not sure that would work.

I’d like to see them try though as I think it’d be interesting to see each game have a different graphical style. I’m a firm believer that classic games should get remakes so that they remain accessible for younger generations, like the equivalent of a Blu-ray remaster but with more changes to account for the march of technology.


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Nothing but noise

I pretty much agree with everything DarKerR said about defending the Xbox and being feed up of seeing it being talked down on the Inbox… including the bit where he admits it kind of deserves it. Yes, they’re making the right noises now, and yes I love Halo, but their attempts to win people is very unconvincing and I agree that Gears 5 is a real weak link and they probably should’ve never bought the franchise. It’s old-fashioned and unlike Halo I just don’t think it has the breadth to be adapted into anything else.

It’s true that Microsoft aren’t very good at E3 and that hurts them too (they shouldn’t have hyped how many game reveals there were going to be either) but otherwise I thought they had a very good and positive conference.

However, it was clear it was yet another stopgap before hitting top gear and I can understand people that are upset that they didn’t ‘empty the tank’. I understand why but I think they would’ve been sensible to admit this before hand and not hype up the 14 new games thing. What’s done is done though and while Microsoft didn’t dominate E3 they did put on a two-hour show that I really enjoyed and showcased lots and lots of games. At this point I don’t think you could hope for much else.


One of each

For me, my main console has been the PlayStation 4 this generation. It’s had a lot of use. Although I just can’t find much time to game.

I also have an Xbox One S, I mainly bought that for the 4K Blu-ray player. I’ve barely played any games on it at all.

I also have a Wii U which I’ve loved despite the paucity of games. Which means I’ve not felt a great need to invest in a Switch. But I’ll probably pick one up cheap in the future.
thewearehere (PSN ID)


The way the world works

I’m usually not one to get riled up at loot boxes and that type of stuff. Live and let live and all that and, really, apart from kids, it’s basically just parting fools from their money. But the way EA talk about it all is just disgusting. They know they’re lying through their teeth and they know they’ll probably get away with it because the people they’re talking to (the MPs) haven’t got a clue about any of it.

That’s the world in a nutshell really, I guess, the rich manipulate the stupid to take advantage of the poor. The chances of us following Belgium and banning them are tiny but if it did happen I would laugh my head off. To see EA go down because their precious loot boxes were taken away from them would be hilarious, but I really don’t think we’re that lucky.

Also, the fact that they’ve got someone who’s job title is ‘Head of Lying to Government Officials’ is just full on creepy. How many times do they need to do it that that’s an actual full-time job?! I get the sense that a lot of palms are being greased…


Egging them on

Kinder eggs? LOL. Must buy 6,000 Kinder Eggs to see if I can get that plastic car I so badly want.

Seriously EA? Quite Fair? It’s gambling and nothing else? Goodness know how your code works either. Lottery type odds? Is how much you spend a factor?

Pure evil.


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One’s not enough

In response to Eckard’s letter titled One’s Enough, I have the following consoles: Game Boy, Master System Plus, Mega Drive, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360 original, Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox One, Super Nintendo, and GameCube.

I have hundreds of games which I have collected over the many years and most of these are PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. One thing that is still way far off is 100% game streaming, as physical media still holds advantages that digital and streaming media does not. While streaming will, in the very far future, be a 100% feature in gaming there is still a few optional features streaming needs, like being able to temporarily download the full game so that if your Internet does go down it can switch to the hard drive version on your console and continue where you left off on single-player games.

Google Stadia will show us what advantages and disadvantages game streaming will give us but until more games are released and once more ISPs stop limiting bandwidth and applying questionable fair usage policies 100% games streaming might eventually become standard. But for now it looks like that is a very long way off and we are in for a long wait.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)


Inbox also-rans

I heard that Nintendo were having trouble guaranteeing the components for the Switch Mini so they didn’t want to announce it until they were sure they could deliver enough stock. Don’t know if it’s true but if seems to fit.

In an attempt to stick up for Microsoft can I just say that the Battletoads trailer looked great. I felt sure they’d go for a retro look but it looked like a cartoon and I much preferred that. I just hope it’s not too hard…


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