Games Inbox: What is the best console name?

The Thursday Inbox thinks the Nintendo PlayStation should be in a museum, as one reader compares Power Stone to Bleeding Edge.

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Mega name
I don’t what’s funnier than the Xbox Series X name – Microsoft’s panicked explanation or hardcore fans trying to defend the nonsense. But to just try and turn things around to something more positive I wondered what everyone thought was the best console name?

The obvious, if boring, choice is the PlayStation, since it’s clearly hugely successful, easy to remember, can easily be abbreviated, actually makes sense, and gets across what it is. By comparison Dreamcast is both great and awful because it doesn’t sound like a console, or anything in particular, but just something vaguely cool and interesting.

I also like the dumb simplicity of the GameCube, is if being a cube some means it’s good at playing games (would a GamePyramid be better or worse?). But for me the best has to be the good old Mega Drive. Sounds vaguely high tech but also cool and powerful, in a very 90s way. It’s also so much better than the awful American name of Genesis, which has no relevance to anything – much like the subsequent Saturn. But then, in so many ways, the Mega Drive was always Sega’s golden age.


Spelling for hipsters
While Microsoft are doing their best to confuse us with their next console’s name, I had a think back to all the names of past and present consoles (well, the main two or three per generation).

It seems all of them use real English words, or a combination of them, such as PlayStation or Dreamcast. The only anomaly was Wii (and consequently Wii U), which was a completely made up word.

With the Xbox and PlayStation brands now seemingly set in stone, maybe the Switch successor will be the second made up console name (If it becomes Switch U, heads will roll).
ttfp saylow (gamertag)
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GC: Wii and Wii U weren’t new words as such, they were just existing words spelt wrong (We and We You), as seems to be the current fashion in marketing.


Stone cold classic
I was reminded of fond memories when I read about the Power Stone trademark news story you ran. What an absolute blast that game was as a kid, four players absolutely clobbering each other and I remember the stages were fairly interactive and deadly! I do hope there is a new version at some point, however I did come across a game called Bleeding Edge to pre-download on Game Pass which seemed to have a similar vibe so fingers crossed its good on release.

Speaking of Game Pass I have to say I’m very impressed with the amount of games I’ve now played that I probably wouldn’t have and almost… almost feel guilty for the low price I’ve paid, with various offers and discounts.

I think I could be tempted to go with Microsoft for the next generation. Silly names aside, my favourite acronym being Sexbox so far. But the offer to pay monthly plus a year’s Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass on top is very appealing.
Bigmac Kenna (gamertag)

GC: If it was four players it must’ve been Power Stone 2, which we also loved. We suppose Bleeding Edge is relatively similar, we were quite impressed when we had a go at E3.


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Moment in history
I don’t know what’s wilder about that Nintendo PlayStation going for more than $1 million – the fact that I guessed it would be at least that or the fact that people are willing to pay that much money for a lump of plastic. And yet a part of me can see its historical importance and definitely thinks it should be persevered.

I mean, the move from 2D to 3D, cartridge to CD, was the most important moment in gaming history but this prototype is that moment frozen in time. I wouldn’t pay $1 million for it, but if it was in a museum I would visit it and take a look.

Oh, how different the world would’ve bene if that had gone into full production…


Final trophy
In response to the enthusiastic reader who finally completed the utterly fabulous Bloodborne I implore you to delve into the Chalice Dungeons, the DLC, and best of all go all out for the Pthumerian Queen trophy. I will happily point toward getting the platinum trophy as my most rewarding gaming experience. Man, that goddamn defiled chalice really is where you have to boil your head in anger before finally singing heavenly as you test yourself against the epic one hit kill battles against the Watchdog and Amygdala.

I hated Watchdog with a passion and wanted to eat a 6ft cacti and spit it in his eyes. I then walked away for an hour, came back, swallowed my hatred for him and decided to precisely watch his movesets, knowing what ones were best to completely avoid and what ones had chances to sneak in closer. I then perfected the art of ‘in for two hits and back off’. When he finally died I sat for a while just beaming with joy, yet sad for old hotdog as he’d given me such an epic battle.

When you finally get down to the last few bosses (Abhorrent Beast is a definite standout) you’re fully locked in for the big showdown with the queen, and whilst she’s not as tough as what came before it’s still a glorious finale. When you hear that familiar ring, informing you that you’ve attained the final trophy, you sit basking in sheer joy as you thank the From team for giving the world such a glorious game.


Wipe away problem
So with all the chat about Joy-Cons and repairs; my set finally succumbed to the dreaded affliction. I couldn’t really be bothered sending them off, and live in Australia where I’m not sure if Nintendo care, so I googled and found something which has fixed the problem with minimal cost and fuss. I’m shocked there isn’t a wider awareness of this.

Maybe I just got lucky, but it’s such an easy fix perhaps worth a try for anyone. Basically, a clean with isopropyl alcohol. Sounds dangerous but is literally just the alcohol wipe a doctor surgery would use before giving you an injection.

Just wipe this around the controller nub and let it evaporate. Fixed mine immediately and obviously at owner’s own risk but it was so easy and could save a lot of people hassle. Certainly cheaper than replacement!


Single issue
For me, deciding on which console to go with next gen comes down to just one issue, backwards compatibility.

I own a PlayStation 4, having switched from Microsoft after the Xbox One launch debacle, and I still have a whole host of current gen games I haven’t got round to playing yet, plus a few I’d like to replay at some point. As a result I’ll be picking up the PlayStation 5 so that I can play current and next gen games on the one box.


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Failure to connect
So I have completed God Of War through PlayStation Now and what a fantastic game. I won’t dwell on that fact, but all the praise thrown its way is fully deserved.

I used the free week’s trial of PS Now and then purchased a month – this was my first venture onto the service. Therefore, I’m not sure when Sony added the feature, but I could download God Of War and it seems that most (maybe all) PlayStation 4 games can be downloaded and played. When I was playing there was no slowdown or stability issues.

Once I completed God Of War, I thought I would go back to a PlayStation 3 game and started streaming Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time. Over the last week or so, there have been maybe five days where I have been forced to close the game due to connectivity issues, even though the game was still playable, but admittedly more pixelated.

I have never had this problem when online on the PlayStation 4 or when on Xbox Live and my broadband connection is both good and stable. Nothing else in my house that requires Wi-Fi had any issues, but I guess they used a lot less data. I hasten to add that you do not have the option to continue playing when the connection is considered weak and you have a 20 second countdown to save your game.

The strange thing is, I tried remote play with God Of War a couple of times on the iPad and the connection was flawless. It is also worth mentioning for those that don’t know this that Sony added an update to remote play in October where you can now use your DualShock controller with the iPad itself (a lifesaver when my wife is watching reality TV!)

In this digital future – well, present – we live in, I’m really hoping there will remain the options in years to come where I can download single-player games and play them that way, as having to quit one because of connectivity issues has been very frustrating.


Inbox also-rans
RE: The Xbox formerly known as Xbox Series X. Isn’t there some kind of form or something that we can make Microsoft fill out so we know what to call it? Or is this going to be like the opposite of the Inuit having several dozen words for snow?

Xbox > Xbox 360 > Xbox One > Xbox. Microsoft has done an… Xbox 360.
FoximusPrime (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

Saw that from Thursday 19th December 2019 Epic Games Store are apparently giving away 12 free games on PC each day, starting from today and finishing January 1st 2020.
Andrew J.

Why do Swordward and Shieldbert remind me of Jedward?!
big boy bent

GC: We thought exactly the same thing. Remember, Game Freak do have a British guy as one of their lead artists.


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