Games Inbox: What should be the future of Mass Effect after N7 Day?

The Friday Inbox looks forward to playing Okami on PlayStation 5, as one reader delves into the obscure history of Marth.

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Bad Day
So, it was N7 Day today (Thursday) and the only thing BioWare did to celebrate was some new cosmetic items in Anthem that you had pay for. Sigh. And there I was thinking it would be the perfect moment to announce a new game, or at least hint at it. I feel like a naive fool.

I did try and celebrate it in a way, by visiting a fan forum and seeing what they had to say about it all. But it was all so negative and depressing I quickly left and just put on the soundtrack instead. I know it’s the ultimate first world problem but I get really depressed thinking about what has happened to what was my favourite franchise, especially when I realise that there’s probably not going to be a new game for several years.

It all seems so hopeless at the moment and even when the game does come back I fear EA are going to force them to fill it with even more multiplayer options and try and turn it into something else, because the originals are too old-fashioned now. But what I’d give for even just one new game that was a proper single-player role-player. Maybe something a bit more low key where the original team are all older? You know, to match how old we’ll all be by the time it comes out.


Timeless visage
I have to admit I gave a little whoop of cheer when I read that Okami has finally passed the 1 million mark. I still severely doubt there’s going to be a sequel, whatever that PlatinumGames guy said, but I’d love it if it actually happened.

As far as I’m concerned Okami is one of the best examples that great art design is timeless. There are lots of 2D games that have aged very well but it’s rarer with 3D games because their easier to compare to modern games. But Okami looked great when it first came out and it looks great now and I think always will.

You could definitely make improvements for the sequel (get rid of those gibberish voices for a start) but if it never happens I won’t even be that bothered. I look forward to playing it on the PlayStation 5 too!


Hypocritical Destiny
This weekend I filled out my Destiny 2 raid team with a couple of people from the Destiny app who were looking for their 50th(!) completion.

Turns out they would advertise online and on numerous Looking For Group sights to complete activities in Destiny (complete raid, earn specific armour or weapons) for a fee. His prices ranged from $20 for something like a short exotic weapon quest up to $80 for the longer pinnacle weapon activities.

There’s a Halloween themed set of activities on at the moment which being timed meant that he was looking to make upwards of $2,000 over the next three weeks as people desperately want the items but won’t have time to earn them.

It honestly made me think about the amount of ire videogame developers get for putting microtransactions in their games.

I read a lot about how morally wrong it is and how it’s encouraging gambling in younger people. I don’t disagree with any of the comments but no one seems to address the problem of players. As far back as World Of Warcraft you had gold farmers selling their wares online. If companies didn’t offer bonuses or incentives for a fee I can’t help but feel gamers would still create a market for items or cosmetics they want. The money would simply be going to individuals, not the company who made the game.
DarKerR (gamertag)/DarKerR-UK (PSN ID)

GC: It’s a valid point. People are always keen to blame companies for their greed but much less willing to admit any failings in themselves. It’s as true for video games as it is for anything else, including politics and politicians.


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Something for the weekend
What a great review you did on the Capcom Home Arcade Console. I liked the way you individually explained each and every game included. And the interview with the creators was just the icing on the cake guys, well done!

I can’t wait for mine to be hopefully delivered by tomorrow for when I get home from work then it will be happy days for me this weekend.

GC: Thanks.


Totes easy
In reply to retrothumbs, I know you wrote in asking for recommendations for pre-built PCs and that you were not interested in building one yourself. That being said, if not to convince you let me try to convince someone who may be on the fence of buying prebuilt.

Firstly, building a PC is not a big deal. There are loads of resources out there, from online guides to YouTube videos. The parts are meant to fit together easily, if you can put together a Lego set you can totes build a computer.

You mentioned you’d prefer having everything under one warranty, so if something breaks it’s easy to get repaired? I don’t know why it is considered easier to ship a whole PC back to the manufacturer to be replaced rather than a single part?

Finally, you would actually be saving quite a lot of money if parts were bought separately. I looked up pricing for identical/similar parts and combined they would save you just over £100, which could be spent on nicer parts or help towards a monitor or mouse and keyboard.

If I can build a PC anyone can.


Holding back
I’m holding back on all current releases from here on in for the next gen. The main reasons are a big PlayStation 4 back catalogue and having Game Pass until 2020. I got plenty to keep me entertained for now. Probably won’t be able to resist Elden Ring though. I think I might struggle to resist even if it released just one month before the next gen consoles.

I’m hoping though, that we will see improvements on current gen games out of the box when you play them on PlayStation 5/Next Box. I’m not expecting Resident Evil 2/Shadow Of The Colossus jumps, that sort of work merits a full PlayStation 5/Next Box release. But jumps from 30 to 60 fps, much quicker load times, and small bumps in graphics should be fairly easy to implement.

I remember watching a video on backwards compatibility games running on Xbox One X, specifically that Oblivion was using textures that were in the game but where taken out for the Xbox 360 launch to maintain a stable frame rate. So the improvements I hope for I expect will be present in the game anyway and wouldn’t require any additional assets to be made.

I’m also currently enjoying The Outer Worlds on the Xbox One X thanks to the now quite frankly phenomenal bargain that is Game Pass. Although not anywhere near as frequent or long as Fallout 4 it still has immersion breaking load screens. Console load times have gotten quite long this gen and it’ll be really nice to see them drastically reduced next gen due to the SSDs. I bought a decent gaming PC almost three yeas ago. The SSD impressed the hell out of me, very happy they will be in the next gen consoles.


Angry subject
I agree with most of what TickTockRob said about Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. While I think it is very technically accomplished and impressive in many ways, it just doesn’t feel like what I would term a proper Zelda game.

Each to their own but to me Ocarina Of Time is a far better game and I would also place Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword above it. It’s much more about the dungeon design and puzzles to me and that was severely lacking in Breath Of The Wild.

I did enjoy the game but nowhere near as much as the others.

GC: We’re going to draw a veil across this Zelda conversation now. Yours was fine but we’ve had too many other angry letters in about the subject that we don’t want to encourage more of.


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Marth is not famous
So I have always been a Sony loyalist, always had their consoles, always played their games, and rarely touched other consoles. I am saying this to show just how little attention I paid to the stuff that was happening outside of PlayStation.

Anyway, my cousin just got this console at the time that I never heard about before, the GameCube, and he had this game that included Pikachu right by the time Pokémon was the big thing. Super Smash Bros. Melee it was called, a fighting game like I’ve never seen before. After several hours I settled down with a character called Marth. It felt great to control, cool sword and cool design. I also was absolutely sure it was a lady, I mean it had a tiara and a strong eyeliner game.

For man years I believed this to be a fact. Mainly because, like I pointed out before, I didn’t care that much what was happening in games I couldn’t play because I didn’t have a GameCube or a Switch. So when I was invited to play Brawl, I would pick my lady, Marth. No one questioned the gender I claimed Marth to be, mainly out of ignorance from the people that hosted the gaming nights.

Until one day where I finally got a hot pink 3DS alongside Super Smash Bros. For 3DS because it was 80% discounted at an HMV. So I play, some days more, some days less until…. a new challenger approaches. ‘Lucina? What the hell is this. That’s literally Marth with longer hair’. Starting to realise my mistake for many years, sweating and with a feeling of vertigo, I accessed Wikipedia from my phone to find out that… Marth has always been a dude. My whole reality crumbling down in that moment.

But for some mystical event, someone decided at some office in Japan that Marth indeed needed a female counterpart, maybe knowing what was going to happen to me at some eventual point in the future, and to mitigate my grievance…. And it worked, because now I play with Lucina 90% of the time whenever I am invited to play Switch and Ultimate.
Nicolas Marcenaro

GC: If it helps, Marth had never appeared in any game released in the West prior to Melee. Even now he’s only played a leading role in DS remake Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Lucina was in GameCube game Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance and Wii follow-up Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


Inbox also-rans
Is the Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast any good on the Switch for £8.09 as I have never played it before on PC? I was going to pick it up along with Untitled Goose Game if it is any good.
Andrew J.

GC: We haven’t played it on Switch, which means we haven’t played it for 17 years. We remember it as not being as good as the first Jedi Knight though.

Did Ed Boon just announce Street Fighter 6 on behalf of Capcom?
Cold Waste (gamertag)/Worlock_ed (PSN ID)


This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grackle, who asks what is the worst sequel you’ve ever played?

If there’s one thing the video games industry is never short of its sequels, but which ones have you found the most disappointing? Was it because you were a big fan of the original or because you were really looking forward to the new one and expected it to be different to how it turned out?

How do you feel about sequels in general and how much do you look forward to them compared to original games? If the series in question got another sequel afterwards did you play that, and how did you feel about that?

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