Games Inbox: Will you be playing Destiny 2 New Light or Shadowkeep?

The Wednesday Inbox wonders why nobody is talking about Borderlands 3, as one reader hopes Smash Bros. stays Japanese only.

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Same old thing

I’m not convinced by this revamping of Destiny 2. Making the base game free-to-play is good and it doesn’t seem as if the expansion is particularly bad value for money or anything but it doesn’t grab me because there still doesn’t seem to be any sign of change. On the one hand five years of support is good in terms of a developer continuing to support their game but on the other it means there’s virtually no chance of major change in all that time.

I would potentially be interested in Destiny 3 if it had new ideas but I’m turned off from the time investment required for Destiny 2 because I know exactly what it’s like (I had it for about three months when it first came out).

Personally, this is one of the main things I have against games as a service titles, because it locks talented developers into doing the same thing for huge periods of time. I almost got excited when I read that Bungie were making a new non-Destiny game and then they immediately made it sound like another game as a service title.

I’m sure they’re all very profitable but I can’t believe the most talented staff will want to stay making the same things, and minor variations of it, for so long.


Calling the shots

Is anyone else a bit suspicious of Bungie painting Activision as the evil bad guy in their situation and them as the plucky upstarts that escape from their cruel grasp? They didn’t have to sign a 10 year deal with them and they must’ve known what was expected of that deal before getting into it.

I don’t see anything in the details of this week’s new games that seems particularly different from what was happening under Activision’s care. Going free-to-play is new, obviously, but there were rumours of that long before Bungie split and I’m sure Activision would’ve gone for it if it made financial success – which presumably it does, because Bungie aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart.

I’m not attacking Bungie or defending Activision, necessarily, I’m just a little dubious of a good guy/bad guy scenario when you’ve two huge companies were nothing much seems to have changed between one being in charge compared to the other.


Invisible hits

I was going to write in and say how surprised I was at how little talk there has been on the Inbox about Borderlands 3, and then I noticed it only spent one week at number one and was beaten by Zelda and then FIFA 20. I know 2K have said it’s their biggest game ever, so I assume it’s not a flop, but it hasn’t made the splash I expected.

I’m willing to bet it’s going to end up as a prime bargain target during Black Friday, when previously I would’ve assumed it’d be largely immune to that. Or maybe I’m just not the target market. I think it’s aimed at a much younger crowd than most online shooters and maybe they’re away playing it somewhere and we don’t hear about it.

It’s weird how some games can get like that. Like League Of Legends is supposed to be so popular but I’ve never met a single person that has ever played it or even knows what it is. I’m not sure I even really understand what it is and yet I consider myself a fairly hardcore gamer! Does that mean it’s played exclusively by 14-year-olds or am I actually living in a bubble and I don’t know it?


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Time to save

Curious how easy it will be to savescum on the console versions of Baldur’s Gate/Icewind Dale et al.;
I’ve been playing Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition on the PC and I’ve racked up 90 hours so far and I’m not even halfway through, simply because of how easy it is to go back to a previous save if one of my characters dies (rather than travelling back to town to revive them).

I’m just wondering if it’s not possible to quicksave on the console versions if this will make people’s playthroughs longer or shorter?

Baldur’s Gate III out in a few years I guess and I still have Icewind Dalte to finish and Baldur’s Gate I and II and Planescape: Torment to even start; How the hell am I even going to make time?
Sven Kirby


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