Gay Velma Has Already Been Ruined, Has A Crush On Fred In HBO Max Show

Earlier this week, it was made official: Velma is gay. Like, actually gay. Of course, we have all known this for years. In fact, I don't think there's a straight person in Mystery Incorporated. But it was neat to see it be made official, as Velma was given an adorable crush on an evil scientist. Well, it was nice while it lasted, anyway.

Apparently, the team working on another Scooby-Doo show, Velma's own spin-off, didn't get the memo. In promotional material for the upcoming HBO Max show, it's mentioned that Velma has a "secret crush" on Fred – not Daphne. This has fans mourning the short life of Velma's canonical queerness, as it seems that the new show won't be interested in exploring this side of her.

This blow comes from the official Twitter account for Velma's upcoming spin-off, in which the full voice cast is revealed by the geeky heroine herself.

Speaking in character, one of the tweets reads: "My secret crush on Fred has everything to do with Glenn Howerton’s casting." Not only does this hint that Velma will be more interested in Fred than Daphne in this show, but it also suggests that she would be into Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is unforgivable.

Of course, as we all know, this doesn't stop Velma from being queer. She could easily be bisexual, as she has shown to be interested in boys before. However, this is pretty terrible timing regardless, as the last thing fans were looking for in a Velma show is more of her crushing on dudes. We've had decades of that. It's also worth noting that an Easter Egg on Google causes lesbian pride flags to cover the screen whenever your search "Velma", so it's possible she wasn't actually meant to be bisexual at all.

In any case, there will be some LGBTQ+ representation in the show. In the same thread, it's revealed that Daphne has two mums, played by Jane Lynch and Wanda Sykes. Also, whatever happens, we still have Velma crushing on a hot villainess – they can't take that away from us.

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