Genshin Impact: 10 Best Forged Items

There are a lot of different systems players will want to take advantage of in Genshin Impact. Forging is a great way to gather weapon leveling material without having to spend money or concentrate heavily on daily logins and the battlepass. By following a few mining maps every day, players can ensure that they have ore in their inventory.

This can help them to craft useful gadgets that can track treasure or even four-star weapons with great stats. Below is a list of ten items that every player should strive toward forging in their game.

10 Treasure Compass

There are technically two treasure compasses that the player can make, one for Mondstadt and one for Liyue. The recipes for each one are given out when players hit city reputation level six in the region the compass pertains to.

When used, they will show the area that an unopened chest resides on the map. This can help players to complete areas and rack up a small amount of primogems fast.

9 NRE (Menu 30)

Even though the NRE (Menu 30) has a strange name, it is honestly one of the best items you can have on you. This is a bag that has two food slots, one for health food and one for revival. The food can be used instantly with the press of a button to heal and revive downed characters.

It is given out at Mondstadt reputation level six and is one of the few items to use lizard tail.

8 Wind Catcher

The Wind Catcher is the perfect item to use for those looking for help exploring. It can be especially helpful with out-of-reach collectibles. The item stores wind currents and can shoot a gust of air out for the player to ride. Up to five charges can be stored in one bottle, although it can’t be used in battle.

This is a recipe that is given out as a reward for reaching Mondstadt reputation level three.

7 Warming Bottle

The warming bottle is given out by the Frostbearing Tree when it reaches level four. The item gives the player the ability to negate the sheer cold effect while exploring Dragonspine. It’s especially useful when trying to find chests in the area of completing quests.

When used, the bottle will produce a fake stationary Seelie that will help to warm up the player.

6 Adepti Seeker’s Stove

The Adepti Seekers Stove is an item that can save players from having to leave a request area to cook food. The stove is portable and can be placed down just about anywhere to cook a meal. It is a one-time use item and will be destroyed after the player cooks in it.

The blueprint is received from reaching level 5 in the Liyue reputation system.

5 Frostbearer

The Frostbearer is a forageable Dragonspine weapon for catalysts. It is one of the better catalyst weapons in the game. It has the ability to spawn an icicle that will deal AoE cryo damage, making it perfect for upcoming cryo catalysts, and many players successfully use it with Ningguang.

It has a secondary stat focused on attack and is generally easy to refine if the player follows mining paths a few times a week.

4 Snow-Tombed Starsilver

The first version of the Snow-Tomb Starsilver can be gotten from the carving puzzle in Dragonspine. Afterward, the claymore can be easily refined, much like the Frostbearer, given that the player is actively gathering ore and fights the weekly bosses enough to get the prototype items.

This is a great choice for Chongyun as it gives a 200% damage bonus for cryo-affected enemies.

3 Dragonspine Spear

The Dragonspine Spear will become available after completing the Festering Fang quest. After making the first spear for the quest, the player will need to gather eight strange tooth each time they wish to remake the item. The item is looking to be a perfect choice for the cryo polearm Rosaria.

This spear will take a bit longer to refine as players are stuck waiting for the strange tooth to spawn.

2 Mappa Mare

The Mappa Mare is a great choice for free-to-play players looking for a decent four-star catalyst for their character. It has a focus on elemental mastery and a base attack of 44. Since Barbara is given out as a free character, this is a popular forging recipe for her.

Many Mona players will also use the Mappa Mare, especially when playing her as a support rather than DPS.

1 Iron Sting

The Iron Sting is a Liyue forging sword that focuses on elemental mastery. This is a good sword for Xingqiu and is also highly recommended for players who like to use the Anemo Traveler. The sword increases elemental damage for six seconds after an elemental attack is triggered.

Sadly, this means that the Iron Sting may not work well for Geo sword users like the Traveler.

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