Genshin Impact: Best Builds For Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara is a playable four-star character in Genshin Impact. She is a strong Electro character who can provide high burst damage and her primary weapon of choice is a bow. She is affiliated with the Tenryou Commission Tengu and is considered to be Raisden Shogun's right-hand woman.

Kujou Sara was a featured character in the Reign of Serenity banner. Her primary build is that of a Burst Support. Her kit allows her to deal AoE Electro damage to all enemies within the area and also increases the damage to active party members. If you want to play her as a Burst Support, you will need to use the best artifacts and weapons to maximize the burst output.

Best Weapons For Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara was a rate-up character in Raiden Shogun's Banner. As the banner has ended, the only way to acquire her is through any standard or event banners at a normal rate.

Below are three weapons that will work perfectly with Kujou Sara:

Weapon NameBase AttackSecondary AttackPassive Ability
Skyward Harp48+4.8% Crit RateKujou Sara's Crit Damage increases by 20%. In addition, she also has a 60% chance to deal an AoE attack if her attack hit. The attack deals 125% Physical Damage and can occur once every four seconds.
Elegy for the End46+12% Energy RegenerationThis weapon increases Kujou Sara's Mastery by 60%. She can also gain Sigil of Rememberance if your Elemental Skills or Elementals Bursts hit an opponent. This effect occurs once every 0.2 seconds. Even if you are not on the field, you can also achieve the effect. Upon reaching four stacks of Sigil of Remembrance, the stacks are consumed, and all party members gain the "Millennial Movement: Farewell Song" effect for 12 seconds. This effect increases Kujou Sara's Elemental Mastery by 100 and Attack by 20%. This effect does not stack. Once the effect is active, you will not gain Sigils of Remembrance for the next 20 seconds.
Alley Hunter44+6% AttackWhile Kujou Sara is in the party but not on the field, her damage increases by 2% every second up to a max of 20%. When she comes out to the field for more than four seconds, the 20% damage increase decreases 4% per second till it hits zero.

Skyward Harp is the best weapon choice for Kujou Sara. You can acquire the five-star bow in the Epitome Invocation banner, which will run until early January 2022. You can obtain it from the Wanderlust Invocation Standard Wish Banner at a normal rate as well. Elegy for the End, the five-star bow, and Alley Hunter, the four-star bow, are currently unavailable. You could only pull them from Epitome Invocation Wish Weapon Banner till version 2.3.

Best Artifacts For Kujou Sara

The following sets are best for Kujou Sara:

Artifact NameTwo-Piece SetFour-Piece Set
Noblesse Oblige+20% Elemental Burst DamageIf Kujou Sara uses an Elemental Burst while wearing the set, it will increase the Attack of all party members by 20% for 12 seconds.
Thundering Fury+15% Electro DamageThe artifact increases the damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct by 40%. These effects can also decrease Kujou Sara's Elemental Skill cooldown by 1%. This can occur once every 0.8 seconds.

Noblesse Oblige is the preferable option for Kujou Sara because of the massive increase in Elemental Burst damage. You can obtain the artifact set from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain and the Artifact Strongbox: Noblesse Oblige at the crafting table. Thundering Fury is the second option you can obtain from the Midsummer Courtyard domain.

Regarding artifact stats Sara proritizes attack, Electro dmg bonus and crit dmg. You'll also benefit from crit rate, and attack percentage.

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