Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Xingqiu

Genshin Impact's support and Sub DPS class can be hard to choose a build for, mainly because they can slide into so many different roles. Having options is never a bad thing, but these characters fall in an awkward gray area that makes it hard for you to take the character in one direction or another. Luckily, your weapon can make the choice for you, and Genshin Impact has no shortage of weapons options, it's whether you're lucky enough to pull one.

From secondary damage to all-out support, Xingqiu can put his talents to use in specific areas. Working with a strong elemental lean and a need to access a constant stream of energy, most weapons will cater to those needs. There are a few that stand out as particularly effective, especially when it comes to sticky situations where your back is against the wall, where you'll need a reliable weapon to fight your way back to victory.

5 Skyward Blade

The Skyward Blade is Xingqiu's best option for an all-around weapon that can cater to any of his strengths. While they're not the biggest effects, the Skyward Blade will give you the most coverage in combat. Starting with a respectable 46 base attack, covering Xingqiu's lack of offensive power. The real kick comes when you use his elemental burst, the main power you'll be using to deal damage, increasing both your movement and attack speed by ten percent.

Working off an already fast attack, you'll also get a 20 percent boost in attack damage for charged and normal attacks for 12 seconds. The combination of effects will allow you to get off much more damage in a short period, taking full advantage of the shield he gets with his elemental skill. The small four percent jump in crit rate is the cherry on the cake, further pumping up your DPS.

4 Alley Flash

Alley Flash builds on Xingqiu's strengths instead of covering his weakness, making the best things about him that much more impressive. A four-star weapon coming in with 45 base attack, a useful tool when you have a quick offense. Instead of recharging your energy, Alley Flash pumps up elemental mastery and adds some extra kick to your abilities. Moving away from the usual weapon build, what you'll lose in quantity can be made up by the big damage that comes when you can attack.

The weapon's skill doesn't have a specific use, ramping up all damage dealt by the character by 12 percent, including the normal attacks that Xingqiu is usually lacking. You'll want to be especially evasive with Alley Flash, if you receive any damage then the damage boost is taken away for five seconds, leaving you vulnerable to heavy combination attacks.

3 Sacrificial Sword

Sacrificial Sword's base attack isn't going to catch your attention with a moderate 41 base attack. The weapon's strengths lie in its synergy with Xingqiu's weaknesses, picking up the slack in all the right places and making for a balanced duo. Starting with its 13.3 percent energy recharge, replenishing the ever-draining supply getting used up by Xingqiu's reliance on his elemental damage.

Another combat obstacle comes with the long cooldown after the elemental skill, making any meaningful damage come in small bursts. Sacrificial Sword's skill gives you a 40 percent chance that the cooldown will stop itself and allow you to continue the attack, doubling your damage output and opening up combat strategies. Usable every 30 seconds, Xingqiu's high attack speed and abilities can fill in the gaps Sacrificial Sword leaves behind, reinforcing its status as one of the best weapons for the character.

2 Iron Sting

A niche weapon choice among Xingqui players, Iron Sting puts all the elemental cards on the table. Starting in the standard zone of 42 base attack, the exotic blade comes to life with its passive effect. In place of an energy recharge, players will receive a 36 point boost to their elemental mastery, sending the already powerful hydro attacks into the next level.

Stacking the damage boosts on to each other, Iron Sting's ability increases all damage by six percent every time you deal out elemental damage, active for six seconds. While it doesn't seem devastating, you can stack it and repeat once every second with only two active at a time. A 12 percent jump in damage to an already giant potential lets Xingqiu hold back on the constant attacking, waiting for the best time to unleash Hydro fury on your enemies.

1 Festering Desire

Not only taking the prize as one of the eeriest weapons in the game, but Festering Desire also tackles key enhancements to Xingqui's build. Another weapon that doesn't blow you away in the attack damage department, the 42 base is enough to get you through high-level combat situations. A ten percent energy recharge covers the uptick in skill and burst use you'll inevitably have with the character, making sure you're never stuck in the thick of battle without firepower.

Festering Desire increases the elemental skill damage by 16 percent while also raising the critical hit rate by six percent. Both power-ups will make your elemental attacks considerably more powerful while dropping some big damage now and then, it helps that both attacks are your focus anyway. For players that don't like to get involved in the front lines and want their best attacks maxed out, Festering Desire is the best choice.

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