Genshin Impact: Dragonspine Strange Tooth Locations

Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine region is rich with treasure, quests, and puzzles. The area also added in a chance for players to gather a resource called strange teeth to forge a new four-star weapon called the Dragonspine Spear. This polearm is the perfect compliment to players who use Xiangling or who have recently pulled the five-star geo character Zhongli.

The spear has a 60% chance of dropping an icicle on opponents to deal 80% AoE cryo damage. If the opponent is weak to cryo, then the damage will be 200% AoE ATK damage. While this effect will only trigger every ten seconds, the spear’s unique ability makes it one of the best four-star weapons currently available in the game.

Starting The Festering Fang Quest

To unlock the Dragonspine Spear recipe and the ability to freely gather teeth, players must first begin the Festering Fang quest. To do this, simply find one strange tooth; the one in Wyrmrest Valley is generally the easiest to obtain. The game will then prompt the player to speak with Orban at the camp right outside of the mountain. After successfully gathering 50 Silverstar ore, one Northlander Polearm Prototype, and three other teeth; with the last being in the heart cavern, the recipe will be unlocked at Liyue and Mondstadt blacksmiths.

Strange Tooth Locations

The map above shows all four strange tooth locations in Northern Dragonspine, Heart Cavern, Wyrmrest Valley, and Southern Dragonspine. All of the teeth will be guarded by strong enemies during the Festering Fang quest. The one located in Wyrmrest valley will be guarded by Fatui, while the strange tooth located in northern Dragonspine on the small island will be guarded by a cryo abyss mage.

The strange tooth located in the southern part of Dragonspine is a bit more difficult to get as it will be surrounded by a forcefield. In order to break the forcefield, players must defeat the nearby Frostarm Lawachurl. When fighting the Frostarm Lawachurl, players will need to exercise caution as there is no heat source nearby, leading many players to succumb to the sheer cold. After gathering these three teeth, return to Orban to unlock the final tooth in the Heart Cavern.

The fourth and final tooth is located in the heart cavern directly under the l’s in Wyrmrest Valley. During the quest, trying to gather the tooth last will force the player to be attacked by eight fatui enemies, divided into three different waves.

Gathering Teeth After the Quest

Players should note that the teeth will respawn every two days. The recipe for the spear is also more costly to make after the first and will require:

  • 50 Silverstar Ore
  • 8 Strange Tooth
  • 1 Northlander Polearm Prototype

Thankfully, gathering teeth after completing the Festering Fang quest is much easier. Only the Northern and Wyrmrest locations will be guarded by enemies. Players aren’t required to defeat the enemies to collect a strange tooth outside of the quest. Instead, the teeth can simply be acquired by quickly running in and picking them up. The force field on the southern tooth does not respawn, and no Fatui enemies will appear within the heart cavern.

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