Genshin Impact: Every Sword User in The Game

It’s safe to say that as of version 1.4, there are more sword characters in Genshin Impact than any other class. Even without including Ayaka, who is only available in the beta, there are eight sword users, nine if you count the geo and anemo Traveler separately.

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Surprisingly, a fair number of these characters are actually best used in a support role instead of the class mainly playing a DPS role. There are also more five-stars than four-stars currently in the class, and it’s the only class that has a character for every element that is currently available in the game.

Xingqiu: Great Support

Xingqiu is a Liyue bookworm and a powerful member of Liyue’s Commerce Guild. He is a hydro four-star that works best as a support character. His elemental skill allows him to slash upwards using the power of hydro and summons rain swords that will take damage for Xingqiu when he is hit by an enemy.

His burst allows him to summon three hydro swords that will attack enemies along with the on-field character.

Traveler: Anemo vs. Geo

There are currently two different versions of the Traveler Anemo and Geo. The anemo Traveler can use their elemental skill to create an anemo blast that pushes nearby enemies away. The element skill creates an anemo tornado that will tear through the field in front of the Traveler pulling enemies in.

The geo Traveler’s skill summons a pillar that can be climbed on or used as a weight on puzzles. The burst for this foam’s burst summons geo stones that push enemies backward and deal geo damage.

Kaeya: A Great Free Option

Kaeya is one of the first characters players get and is completely free-to-play. He is a four-star cryo character and works best as a support. His elemental skill simply shoots a cryo burst out of his hand that hits nearby enemies.

His burst summons icicles that will circle around the on-field character dealing cryo damage.

Albedo: Useful Geo Skills

Albedo is a mysterious character that is a master alchemist. He is a five-star geo character who was released along with Dragonspine. His elemental skill creates a large geo field with a lotus that pulses geo damage. Characters who step on the lotus will be lifted in the air for a short amount of time, allowing for easy targeting or plunge attacks.

Albedos burst summons geo crystals to burst forth from the ground dealing geo damage to any nearby enemies. The ability also creates seven blossoms that will bloom, dealing damage to enemies.

Qiqi: Healing Through Attacking

Qiqi is one of two dedicated healers in the game and a zombie. She is a five-star cryo character that can actually be pulled from the standard banner. Qiqi’s elemental skill will summon a cryo orb that rotates the on-field character, occasionally healing them. When the orb is used with Qiqi on the field, she can heal the party by attacking enemies until the orb disappears.

Her elemental burst places talisman on nearby enemies. Characters who deal damage to enemies marked by a talisman will have their health restored.

Jean: Support vs. DPS

Jean is a character that the player will meet early on in the game but is an anemo five-star that has to be pulled from the standard banner. She can be used as DPS or support, depending on what the player needs. Her elemental skill shoots out a gust of wind in front of her that will push enemies away.

Her elemental burst summons a large anemo field that will instantly heal the party and deal damage to enemies who are inside the field.

Bennett: Simple, But Effective

Bennett is a four-star pyro character who is actually considered to be as good as the five-stars. His moves are pretty simple; his elemental burst has two levels, the first allows him to do two pyro strikes. Holding the skill button will turn this into three pyro strikes and causes an explosion that launches Bennett and any nearby enemies at the end of the attack.

His burst causes him to jump in the air and slam down, creating an inspiration field. This field will heal characters that have their health fall below 70% and will also grant an attack bonus.

Keqing: Electro AoE Damage

Keqing is another five-star character that can be pulled from the standard banner. She has an electro vision and is part of the Liyue Qixing. Her elemental skill has her throw a stiletto at a selected area. Pressing the button again will then allow her to teleport to that area and deal electro damage to nearby enemies or get hard to reach collectibles.

Her burst causes her to do a series of teleportations throughout the air, damaging enemies who are caught in the middle before ending the attack with an AoE burst.

Ayaka: A Mystery For Now

Ayaka is a character from Inazuma currently only available in the beta but is confirmed to be a cryo sword user. While her abilities have been previewed in previous clips, they are currently not finished.

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