Genshin Impact: Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters Complete Walkthrough

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While the World Quests in Genshin Impact are always filled with puzzles, the developers took it to the next level in Sumeru. The Gilded Desert region is the western part of Sumeru, and it leads you on a great adventure with Jeht. Through this journey, you'll learn a lot more about Eremites as well.

To progress in the main story, you only have to do the Archon Quests in the game. On the other hand, the World Quests are completely optional, but they reveal secrets about different areas and also unlock some new passages, especially in Sumeru where half of the region is underground.

How To Get Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters Quest

Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters is the final banner quest in the Gilded Desert area. While the quest is an adventure itself, there's a lot you need to do to get it in the first place. Here's everything that will ultimately lead you to the quest:

  • Firstly, you'll need to unlock all the Statues in the Sumeru Desert area. This is to the west of Sumeru, which can be unlocked through Liyue. You can still get to the required area if you're new to the game, but the enemies here might be too much for you.
  • Once you're there, you can start the Golden Slumber quest in Aaru Village, and you'll go on your first adventure with Jeht and Jebrael throughout this quest.
  • After finishing the Golden Slumber quest, you can embark on the Dirge Of Bilqis quest in the Desert Of Hadramaveth area. This will start a day after you finish Golden Slumber.
  • Once you're done with that, you have to finish Tadhla the Falcon quest series, the quest where you help Jeht repair Benben, and the Apocalypse Lost quest.

After finishing everything mentioned above, you can start this quest by talking to Yuften.

The quest marker will appear if you teleport far away and teleport back to the Tanit Camps after finishing Apocalypse Lost. You do not have to wait for the server reset.

Behold, The Sign Comes Like A Thief Quest Walkthrough

When you talk to Yuften, he'll mention that one of the carts that were delivering goods to the camp has been missing for a while. He'll mark the last known location of the cart on your map and give you five Raw Meat as a reward in advance. After the dialogue, head to the Teleport Waypoint near Khaj-Nisut and get to the yellow circle marked on your mini-map.

When you reach the area, there'll be a jar on one side of the road with a Hilichurl beside it. The jar will have a white arrow above it. Interact with it to continue the quest as you deduce that something has happened to the cart. Keep following the path downward until you reach a Hilichurl camp.

Defeat the Hilichurls to trigger the next cutscene where Paimon will think that these enemies stole the goods in the cart. Although, the cart itself won't be seen anywhere, and you'll have to head up the path on the other side to find it after interacting with any one of the goods in the Hilichurl camp.

Keep interacting with the goods around the path until you reach the cart. At this point, two Eremites will stop you from leaving and mention that Jeht sent them to fight you. Defeat the enemies and head back to Yuften in the Tanit Camps. Once you mention what happened, he'll ask you to talk to Babel.

Babel will mention that Jeht has been missing for a few days, and she will try to find her while the Traveler and Paimon rest in the camp. After this dialogue, skip time to the next day to start the next quest.

Make Bright The Arrows, Gather The Shields Quest Walkthrough

The next quest will start once you talk to Babel, and she'll tell you that Jeht is a traitor. She learned that Jeht has been colluding with the "Northerners" and she has sent multiple assassins to defeat the Traveler. When the Traveler asks for evidence, she will mention that the Fatui has come dangerously close to the camp.

After the dialogue, Babel will mark the location of one of these camps on your map. To get to the location, you can simply use different grapples leading you up easily. Keep following the blue marker until you reach the location shown above, where you'll have to fight a Hydro and an Anemo Fatui Skirmisher.

Once you defeat the enemies, interact with the crates with pots on top beside the camp itself, which will tell you a password to enter the camps. This will also mark a huge yellow circle near the place where you defeated the enemies, but you simply have to follow the main path and interact with the crates on the way.

You'll find the Fatui camp near a mechanism, as shown in the picture above. When you get close, the Skirmishers will ask for your password. It will eventually lead to you defeating the Fatui anyway. You'll have to fight a Hydro, Electro, Pyro, and Geo Fatui at this location. Defeat them all and the Geo Skirmisher will give you the next location.

There will be a bunch of Fatui that you'll have to defeat on your way to the next camp. After defeating all of them, you can interact with the note inside a rope to progress the quest. You'll learn that Jeht has been moved to another area once again, and the next area will be marked on your map.

For Her Judgement Reaches To The Skies

Follow the path leading down to the canyon and you'll find more broken items, which will tell you that Jeht already broke out of her cage. At this point, you can enter the ruin where you saw the Skirmishers running out of. As you enter, there'll be an elevator on your left that will take you down.

Once you reach the lower level, head to your right where Jeht will be in an open field below muttering some names. When you talk to her, she'll label you as a traitor and you'll have to fight Jeht. You might be able to defeat her easily, but it's recommended to dodge her attack for a few seconds at the start so that you can read the dialogue.

Defeat her when the dialogue ends, and the Traveler will tell her what Babel mentioned. As you're talking, two more Eremites will come out with a task to defeat both you and Jeht. After defeating them, you can show all the notes you gathered to Jeht and she'll stop thinking that you're the traitor.

The next day, you'll head back to the Tanit Camps to confront Babel where you'll learn that the names Jeht was murdering were all the elders that Babel made Jeht kill. After the dialogue, you have to fight Babel among many Eremites as your final boss. If you take out one-third of her health, she'll disappear.

Once that happens, you'll have to go through the entire Tanit Camps and defeat all the members of the Tanit including Yuften. All this time, Jeht will keep mentioning that their leader got them killed. Eventually, you'll get to the location where Babel stood to defeat her for one last time.

Babel will mention that she has already dispatched messengers to tell every tribe that Jeht is a traitor and that she was planning to kill her anyway. In the end, Jeht will execute Babel just like she did Azariq.

Take a final walk with Jeht before she gives you a tight hug and says her farewell. This will bring Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters quest to an end.

How To Get The Ancient Key Stone

After finishing the quest, you can head back to the location where Babel stood in the Tanit Camps. Near the rug, there'll be a shiny spot where you'll get the Ancient Key Stone. This can be used to unlock the giant treasury at the bottom level of the Tanit Camps. After claiming the key, fall from the level you're on to get to the bottom near the river.

You'll be able to see a familiar door that will require the key when you get close. When you unlock it, you'll be able to get four Precious Chests with 50,000 Mora in each of them. Although, these chests won't give you any Primogems.

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