Genshin Impact Is Coming To The Epic Games Store Next Week

Genshin Impact is headed to the Epic Games Store. Mihoyo’s latest announcement comes just as it celebrates the upcoming launch of version 1.6, and you’ll be able to pick up the action RPG from Epic starting June 9.

Next week, Mihoyo’s next big update also drops on June 9, which will send the world of Teyvat into a series of summertime celebrations. Genshin Impact’s Midsummer Island Adventure update will send players to Inazuma, and introduce its first playable character from the region in the form of Kazuha, a new five-star party member.

Mihoyo’s new platform update still retains its ability to engage with other players. On the Epic Game Store, you’ll be able to continue running co-op mode with anyone on the current PC client from Mihoyo, PlayStation, Android, and iOS. Also, if you want to swap to using the Epic Games Store launcher, you can if you play on PC, Android, and iOS. PlayStation players will still be locked to just the console.

Regardless of where you choose to play, everyone will have access to a new, in-game bonus code, “GenshinEpic“, that will net you a bundle of items. Mihoyo did not detail what would be included in the bundle this week, but it’s likely we’ll see goodies useful for new Travelers like Primogems, EXP books, and Mora. You’ll be able to redeem the code for June 9, but it’s only available for a limited time, so make sure you’re quick before it’s gone. Mihoyo already has Genshin Impact’s Epic Games Store page up and ready to go, so if you’re itching to dive in via the launcher on day one, it’s up for wishlists.

Mihoyo’s collaboration with Epic begins alongside the June 9 update, so 1.6 will usher in a new platform with it. The summer-themed update also includes new costumes for sisters Jean and Barbara, along with plenty of new events. Right now, in the lead up to its next big content drop, Genshin Impact is celebrating with an event that doubles some of your Resin rewards, and it lasts until June 7, so you may want to dive in and prepare before things go live on the new launcher.

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