Geralt Of Rivia, Doom Slayer, MrBeast, And Hulk Are Coming To Fortnite

The reveal trailer for Fortnite Chapter 4 has confirmed that Geralt of Rivia, Hulk, MrBeast, and Doom Slayer are all going to be joining the game soon.

Although the official reveal trailer for Fortnite's fourth chapter isn't due to go live for another few hours, it seems that, in typical Fortnite event fashion, it's been leaked ahead of time. The trailer seems to confirm that The Island has been sent into space and reveals the new map for the chapter, as well as confirming some new collaborations coming to the game.

The first collaboration that can be spotted in the trailer is the long-rumoured Doom Slayer, who can be seen to the left of The Paradigm as The Island starts to go towards the black hole. Ever the fighter, Doom Slayer can be seen trying to kill a Cacodemon even as the world implodes on itself. It's a safe bet that will end up being his glider.

Another highly-requested character can be seen floating around the island shortly after – Geralt of Rivia. Geralt can be seen trying to catch up with Roach, who has also seemingly been sucked into The Island. Again, it seems likely that Roach will act as Geralt's glider. Just after that, we can see that Hulk will finally be joining in on the fun, being one of the most notable Marvel omissions in the game so far.

The final collab that can be spotted in the trailer is one that probably won't surprise most people. Just after the Hulk drives away on a motorcycle, we can see YouTuber Mr Beast being dragged along by some kind of tether. Epic already confirmed recently that MrBeast Burger and Fortnite would be collaborating in some way, and it seems that also means bringing along the Beast himself.

Speaking of beasts, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a pickaxe in the trailer that has the same colour scheme as All Might from My Hero Academia. The pickaxe also seems to have the same anime outline that is applied to characters like Goku and Naruto, so it seems that My Hero could be coming to the game too.

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