Ghost In The Shell Director Mamoru Oshii Was Once Set To Appear In Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a unique experience, largely down to Hideo Kojima and his desire to cram all of his favorite people into a single video game. Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro – Kojima's best buds – both play main characters in the game, but Death Stranding's post-apocalyptic version of the US contains plenty of other famous cameos including Conan O'Brien, Junji Ito, Sam Lake, Hermen Hulst, and even Geoff Keighley.

Even though the game's star-studded line up is nothing to sneeze at, it's actually missing another very famous individual who unfortunately pulled out at the last minute – Ghost in the Shell director Mamuro Oshii. Turns out, Oshii is actually quite a big fan of Death Stranding, revealed during the latest episode of Hideo Kojima's podcast Brain Structure.

According to Kojima, he and Oshii originally had a plan for him to go to Kojima Productions and undergo a 3D scan and have him added to the game. Unfortunately, Oshii apparently suffered a broken bone when he was meant to travel, meaning he couldn't make the trip and ultimately missed out on appearing. Kojima doesn't go into detail about what part Oshii would have played, but it's likely he was supposed to be one of the people Sam makes deliveries to, in a similar fashion to the cameos made by other celebs.

Knowing Kojima, it's likely the next game from Kojima Productions will be just as star-studded. In fact, it's looking that way already, as the creator recently revealed a cryptic new poster for what is likely his next game. The poster shows us a silhouette of a woman's head with the words "Who Am I?" written across the face.

Internet sleuths have already figured out that the woman in the poster is likely actress Elle Fanning, while the font of the writing is extremely similar to the title font for Jordan Peele's latest film Nope, leading fans to think the director is also somehow involved. Kojima also recently shared a picture with himself and Peele talking to Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley, as some believe an announcement for his next title will show up there later this year.

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