Ghost Recon Breakboint beta start time and release date news latest

The closed Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is set to begin later this week, and the good news is that it is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

As the name suggests, this testing period is only available to certain people and will be limited in scope when it comes to content.

Ubisoft has confirmed that if you have pre-ordered the game, you can now download the game on your chosen platform.

If you signed up for the beta via the website and don’t own the game, there is a small chance you will be selected to participate.

But the closer we get to the event, the less chance of that happening grows.

For now, everyone with a Ghost Recon Breakpoint code can get ready by pre-loading the game for its beta release date.


The Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta release date has been set for Thursday, September 5.

And depending on where you live, there will also be different times to get access. For example, in the United States, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta begins at 3am PST.

Not an ideal time to join in but means it will be there waiting for you when you wake on September 5. In the UK, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint start time has been set for 12pm CET, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This is happening on the same day – September 5 – and will run the same length of time on all platforms.

The closed beta test being hosted by Ubisoft has the same end time on September 9.

This means that access and playtesting will end on Monday, September 9, at 3am PST and 12pm BST.


  • PST – 3am
  • BST – 12pm
  • JST – 7pm
  • AET – 8pm

“If you have pre-ordered Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint or are a Uplay+ subscriber, you will receive access to the beta,” a message from Ubisoft confirms.

“If you registered on the website on our Beta page, you may also be randomly selected to participate. As a thank you to our Online Technical Test participants, we will also be giving access to everyone who participated in our two OTT test phases earlier this year.”

When it comes to playable content, the GR: Breakpoint playtest will be limited to certain areas and activities. The good news is that this will include PvE missions, with up to four-player co-op or solo available to everyone.

Ubisoft has revealed that gamers will have access to a total of four regions, including Smuggler Coves, Mount Hodgson, Sinking Country and Fen Bog.


  • Operation Greenstone: Two missions from the main storyline.
  • Auroa Missions: Side missions to discover more about the island and its inhabitants.
  • Faction Missions: Eight new Factions missions per day.

Drone area gameplay is also included and challenges beta testers to find three different types of Drone Areas throughout the available regions to battle it out against some of your toughest opponents.

  • Murmurs: Small flying drones that will swarm the unprepared.
  • Aamons: Mid-size land drones that pack a punch with agility to match.
  • Behemoths: Large drones with massive firepower and heavy armor.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint releases October 4 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Google Stadia support set to follow.

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