Ghostrunner: All Audio Logs Guide

As interesting and compelling as the story behind Ghostrunner may be, it will always take a backseat to the fast and challenging blend of deadly combat and stylish movement. In order to squeeze in that extra bit of lore, world building, and story content into the game, several audio logs have been placed in the levels to give dedicated players more reasons to jump back in and fully explore the game’s environments. They might be a little too well hidden, though, which is where this guide will come in handy.

All Ghostrunner Audio Logs Locations

As opposed to the other collectibles in Ghostrunner, there are far fewer audio logs to find, with only seven to pick up in total. Once you grab one in its respective level, just make sure you actually finish the level properly to count it as collected.

Audio Log One

The first audio log doesn’t show up until level three. Once you’re in the room with the glowing red floor, head left toward the objective and wall that reads Block 2. The platform will end, but continue in that direction on the pipe that curves to the left. The audio log will be around the corner at the end.

Audio Log Two

Next up we need to go into level five where you will come to an area where you first encounter fans that can boost you around the area. Use the first fan, but not to go forward to the next platform, but up and back behind you. There’s a little roof area with the next audio log.

Audio Log Three

In level seven now, you will come to a very large yellow and grey ramp you need to go down as part of the main path. Slide down it and go through the door, the look directly above the door to see a grapple point that will take you right up to the audio log.

Audio Log Four

In level ten, a fair way into the level you will need to grapple under a giant pipe after a combat encounter to go forward. Before doing this, go to the left ride the zipline up so you can go back and fall down on top of the pipe. Run along the top to pick up the collectible.

Audio Log Five

Right near the beginning of level 13, after fighting your first turret enemy. Look away from where the turret was pointed, go left, wall run up an orange billboard, and climb up the box to snag this audio log.

Audio Log Six

Close to the end of level 14 you will have a major encounter with teleporting enemies. Run through the tunnel, wall run on the green panel, and simply turn right on this catwalk to see the collectible.

Audio Log Seven

Our final audio log is near the end of level 15. After a long series of electrified wall runs and ziplines you will land on top of a series of blue tanks. Look between the tank and the wall for a small ledge with a jump boost on it. Use it to jump to the tank to the right of the one you were just on and pick up the secret collectible.

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